Katie hill reviews Rep. Katie Hill Denies Allegations Of Inappropriate Relationship With Staffer. Congresswoman admits to relationship with campaign staffer

 Pleasure for your treasure must be free in Washington DC LOL.

My question is did she or did she not have a inappropriate relationship with a staffer watch both videos below,



Gabriel T. Rubin

Updated Oct. 27, 2019 8:55 pm ET

Rep. Katie Hill, a freshman Democrat who flipped a competitive district in California in 2018, announced on Sunday she would resign from Congress after she admitted to having an intimate relationship with a campaign staffer.

“This is what needs to happen,” Ms. Hill wrote in a resignation statement.

The House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into Ms. Hill last week after a conservative-leaning website published sexually suggestive photos of Ms. Hill and another woman and ran articles alleging that Ms. Hill had relationships with a female campaign staffer and a male congressional aide.

The link to the Wall Street Journal regarding Katie Hill story


 It seems in the political world in Washington DC then it’s all about pleasure for your treasure,  money in your pocket,  and acquiring the control of the American people and their lives.     For the most part it has nothing to do with  ethics and morals.

1.  Pleasure for your treasure

2.  Money in your bank account

3.  Pass laws that you benefit from  not your constituents. 4  constantly Campaign to get more money to stay in office for long periods of time  that way you can get more of everything  listed above.   Pleasure for your treasure,  more money in your pocket,  Control over the American people.   And enjoy the laws that you pass that the American people have to abide by but Congress and the Senate are exempt from the laws they pass that the American people have to live by,

Just like when they came out with Obama care all of the politicians were exempt from it.   Just remember when you’re exempt from something that means you don’t have to get screwed over.   I’m sure they’re in Washington DC there’s plenty of bologna pony for all of the liberal women that can’t stay out of trouble


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