Lefty Grimes Reviews: Linden Cops Arrest a Medical Marijuana Patient

This is Lefty Edward Grimes being arrested at a Booker/Scutari event in Linden NJ. He was trying to medicate on public property and he dropped his glass container that the state has forced him to receive his medicine in. It was an accident. The cops didn't ask him for his MM card and cuffed him. He laid in pain for several minutes before being seen by ETM unit. The cops were rollin him over and he has a back injury in which he stated several times about. While he laid in pain, the news team from CBS filmed and recorded his screams for help. The friends he has gathered around him in order to help, but their efforts where lost. Lefty was charged with disorderly conduct, in which he explained was simply thrru the corrupt cops actions of handcuffing him. He was not a threat to anyone. Please share this video of mu buddy, PLEASE. This has to stop!!!

Please see the video below of has arrest and leave comments below, thank you.

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