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Forget Richard Nixon. This is not 1972-73 -it's 2017! Americans want transparency & accountability in their government. If the president fired his weak AG, the majority of the president's supporters are 100 % behind him. They see the AG & assist. AG Rod Rosenstein as politically motivated to cover up a corrupt DOJ. Americans were not behind the corrupt NWO president Richard Nixon who was forced to resign If President Trump fired Jeff Sessions few truth-loving, conservative Americans will cry any tears for the coward Jeff Sessions – who was a total useful idiot for NWO Deep State cover-up artist Rod Rosenstein. Jeff Sessions knew that Rod would hire his friend Bob Mueller to investigate the President on a fake Russian ruse & thus bog the country down for moving things forward to make America great again. 3 SCENARIOS: 1. Mueller is now working with Trump behind the scenes to prosecute corrupt politicians & DC & Hollywood pedophiles. This is fantasy. 2. Mueller is close to wrapping up his investigation by making examples of Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, and now Gen. Mike Flynn & his son. That he could exonerate President Trump by the New Year. This scenario is more plausible but also highly unlikely based on the make up of Mueller himself. 3. Third scenario is that Mueller is a deep state cover-up artist who must stop Trump and any draining of the swamp at the DOJ to protect past crimes of HRC, Stellar Wind, funding of ISIS, Uranium One, payment of fake Russian dossier by Podesta brothers & DNC, – Mueller's cover-up of the Fethullah Gulen Islamic terrorist group based in Pocono Mountains etc. & ad nauseum. Mueller has much to hide in his own career & those who he represents in a corrupt left-wing DC court system. So it's InspoNews opinion that Mueller will not relent. He now has undisclosed unlimited access to taxpayer dollars. We do not feel this investigation is anywhere close to concluding but that it is expanding with Jared Kushner & Donald Trump Jr. as his nest targets. This is an NWO political witch hunt being conducted by the best the Illuminati Globalists have. If the public and our US Congress reps do not DEMAND this witch hunt be De-funded – it will continue – possibly for years with the ultimate goal of Mueller to get Jeff Sessions and the President in a DC left wing Grand Jury Room- a scenario the MSM media has been gloating about. President Trump thus far has been given weak advice by those of his legal team- to look Presidential- allow Mueller to "do his job" and that if he does this – he will be exonerated and Mueller & team will "look like fools." But the problem with that assumption is that Mueller doesn't play far. He is a biased political operative with a agenda and will not stop until he has prosecuted and threatened The President's family and to try to demoralize the President and get him to either resign or encourage a vote in Senate and House for impeachment. Mueller and DNC will be 22-30 votes short in the more conservative HOUSE ( they will vote to remove in the RINO elitist Senate) in order to remove the president from office. So no matter- the President does not need to worry about the Nixon comps- but go ahead and fire Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Andrew McCabe and other left-wing globalist hacks and then clean out the DOJ with new conservative AG & leadership (quarried from outside the DC Swamp Beltway). President Trump should also use his awesome executive powers vested in him by the Constitution, to PARDON Paul Manafort and General Mike Flynn – people who were snafued by gotcha technical cross upon in interrogatories and federal forms etc. No pardon for the spy (who wears a wire for Nazi Mueller )Papadopoulos though. If President Trump does not use these vast Constitutional powers the founding fathers in their foresight and great wisdom gave to him- things will only get worse. He can not wait for things to run their course and somehow Mueller & Weissmann will show themselves to be fools. Mueller and Weissmann are skilled at convicting INNOCENT people – note Enron, Merrill Lynch, Arthur Anderson cases where innocents were falsely charged and later overturned by higher courts- but the damage was done. The founders knew that the delicate 3 branches of government could be upset forever if any branch politicized and weaponized its function solely for political purposes- such as what the DNC globalist NWO hack Bob Mueller has already done … It's time for action President Trump. Unless Congress votes to defund the Special, Counselor Sessions does something courageous and bold and FIRES Rosenstein & Mueller. 


Now I'll show you even more about the election rigging that was going on with Facebook, Google, and the White House and give you an answer to that question.

First, a chart to show you how all of this corruption worked so that you can follow along and see how the agencies and players worked together to try and rig an American election. http://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#_ftn420

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