MARS Hoax: Film crew/equipment Caught on Devon Island, Canada

Yep, it's all a big hoax that taxpayers have been paying for decades. We cannot, I repeat, WE CANNOT get past the Van Allen Belt. The Van Allen Belt is a ring of radiation around our Earth. It is impossible to get through. 

On a series called Arrested Development, Ron Howard talked about seeing the production of Kubrick's Apollo Moon Landing in 1969, but I find he was not kidding. He said he and his brother accidently went into the production sound studio in Hollywood and they hide in the rafters watching the whole thing. He claims they did not go to the Moon, that it was all a hoax. I love how Hollywood added this info to a series, seemingly throwing the statement under the rug and trying to fool the public. 

Why do these lies continue? Why does every President allow this lie? Why do other world leaders allow this lie? 

Crew members of the Challenger are apparently STILL ALIVE?? Check out this link. Someone should call these people and tell them that they are on this website and their photos are being used as a before and after. One of them, Judith Resnick, is a Yale Professor. Someone please call her! 


127 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-8918


There is no SSDI on Judith Resnick, BTW. 

The rovers that NASA supposedly put onto MARS land has now been seen on Devon Island in Canada. Yes, they LIED! And YOU paid for those lies! And continue to pay for their lies. Buzz Aldrin can roll his eyes and make faces behind President Trump's back all he wants, but the truth is the truth. 

Challenge me, Google the words MARS Hoax and watch some of the videos. There are some below as well. 

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