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Steve King Warns Trump: DACA Illegal Aliens Cannot Be Legalized 'Without Sacrificing the Rule of Law'


DACA Amnesty Could Flip Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to Democrat Party


It's About Damn Time…'Send the illegal invaders home and imprison their employers'


Bring Out The Warrants


Rainbow Textbooks Adopted in California

Trump Crazy? Like a Fox


Take Your Virtue Signalling And Shove It…'If Oprah had a single ounce of integrity she would have boycotted the ceremony and called her own press conference to denounce every single person and corporate sponsor in attendance.  She did not, and by her mere appearance and speech she took ownership of the fraud upon herself – – not that she needed to, since she's done plenty of that over the years. Hollywood is a public disgrace yet it exists only because we fund it'


British actress Kadian Noble: Weinstein used Oprah and Naomi to seduce me


Interior minister: As FBI Director Robert Mueller sent a 'plane load of FBI agents' to frame Julian Assange. Iceland kicked them out


Wikileaks Downloads Entire "Fire and Fury" Anti-Trump Book Online!


At least 10 people have come forward saying their quotes were totally fabricated    


Cosa Sinistra: The Left as Crime Family…'no longer just tinged with the normal shortcomings of humanity.  It's become criminal'


As American Women Put Their Pink Hats Back On, Women in Iran Rip Off Their Hijabs


Federal judge dismisses all charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and 3 others


Jail.  Now.


Iran News Agency labels Council on American Islamic Relations as ‘an offshoot of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’


HE RIGGED IT’: Marco Rubio Interferes in FL Republican Race to Sabotage Pro-Trump Candidate




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