Nobody is stopping the black community from reaching their goals Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on Trump, Obama, and American

Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on Trump, Obama, and American … let’s get something straight about politics and people’s ability to reach their goals without politicians.

1. Nobody stopped Robert L Johnson  from becoming the first black billionaire.

2.  Nobody stopped  Guion Stewart From becoming the first black astronaut.

3 Nobody stopped  nobody stopped Moses Fleetwood Walker  from becoming the first black major league baseball player.

4.  Nobody stopped Arsenio hall from becoming famous  well that has been successful.

5. Nobody stopped Michael Jordan  becoming a very successful basketball player.

6   Nobody stopped Stevie Wonder from becoming a very successful musician that’s very talented.   You Must remember he is blind he cannot see but nothing stop his vision.

7  nobody stopped   Daniel  Hale Williams  becoming the first black  Open heart surgeon. 8.  Nobody stopped McKinley  Thompson   Becoming the first major African American car designer.

8   Nobody stopped Robert Tanner Freeman  from becoming the first professionally trained black dentist in the United States.  He was born back in 1846  get this, in Washington DC !

My Point here is the only obstacles people have in their life are the ones they create or the ones they allow to exist.  It’s time to ignore the Democrats that hold the African-American community back they do not want anybody to elevate their standard of living they want them to be dependent on the liberal community.   I have never seen a Democrat politician really stand up and try to elevate everybody to reach their goals and show actions that they’ve had a commitment to everybody elevating their standard of living.   I can make this list much longer and it would only take me a few minutes.

Somebody told me that I could not get this website on the first page of Google at the very top if you Google the following toward you will see that it lands on the very top of the first page of Google  “Politician Reviews “   Do you want something go out and get it do not wait for politicians to provide you with anything .

Never sit in the crowd of complainers they will not do anything to help you elevate your goals in life.   Stay away from the complainers and go out there and get what you want and never let anything or anybody become an obstacle of your goals.

Think about it if Stevie Wonder can very well become successful and have a vision without sight what stopped him ? NOTHING !!!


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