Paul Bell A proud Canadian nationalist has joined forces with politician reviews to become a political news reporter

 I talked to him several times and it sounds like he is a  Canadian nationalist   trying to  revitalize  the Canadian people to understand that their liberties are  being stripped by  The current leadership of Canada. 

Published on Sep 27, 2014On Independent Nation!

James Sears for Ward 32 in Toronto City Council.

Ward 32 Councillor Candidate James Sears has intense, friendly political debate with "Your Ward News" publisher Leroy St. Germain and Ward 33 Councillor Candidate Paul Bell. They discuss the topics of Mary-Margaret McMahon, Sandra Bussin, Campaign Ethics, Israel, and Gay Dildo Candy. Paul Bell is a sweet, honest, lovable, intelligent man who is both appalled and flabbergasted by James Sears' unfiltered rhetoric and sheer audacity. The discussion gets heated when James Sears defends Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from pretty boy Paul Bell's accusations of antisemitism. The discourse then falls totally off the rails when James Sears disagrees with Paul Bell that the apartheid state of Israel "is our friend", calling Israel "The most evil country on the face of the Earth" and reminding Mr. Bell about 9-11. Truly a MUST WATCH video!

JAMES SEARS Ward 32 Councillor Candidate debates Paul Bell–Campaign Ethics, Israel, Gay Dildo Candy



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    • Georgia Brown (I have Cole’s version playing in my head now). I see great promise in this venture. Explaining to my fellow Canadians why the fact that I hold the American Constitution in such high regard makes me a Canadian patriot is not always easy. I hope to draw on your work and that of all my new colleagues and friends here to strengthen that position. The kindness and welcomes I have been offered is deeply humbling. Thank you very much,

  1. Touch base with me later today Paul and let’s put together a meeting with any of your friends that you feel would be A great fit for our mission. I really believe that everyone currently using the site in future users will enjoy everything that you post.

    • Stick, I’m still trying to get used to using the system to post. I’d like to post the following but I can’t seem to access the proper link.

      “When the US sneezes, Canada catches a cold”
      That adage has been repeated often by Canadian journalists and economists.

      When Stick Bogart asked if I would be interested in joining Politician Reviews to offer Canadian analysis and perspective to a predominantly American audience, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ll write a regular Saturday morning opinion column and contribute other items as well. My goal is to focus on issues that are of mutual interest between our countries. Canadians know how important American politics are to us. Americans are watching Canadian politics with increasing interest. This week I will explain why I believe that a Donald Trump Presidency would be best for Canadians.

      In my columns I will try to include some facts about Canadians that you might not know. Canadians have a reputation as being friendly and loved by the whole World. Just ask us. We’re actually just really smug. Playing humble is sometimes our passive aggressive equivalent to American patriotism. We say “sorry” but we really don’t mean “I apologize for having wronged you”. We have refined cussing to a fine art and in battle; Canadian soldiers have been renowned for generations as being the fiercest enemy an opponent never wants to face hand to hand. A Canadian invented basketball but James Naismith was teaching in the States, the players were Americans, the peach baskets and ball, American. By Canadian content laws (a near future column), basketball is American. 75% of Canadians live within 100 miles (that’s 161km) of the US border. We have our Canadian icons but to a far greater extent than Americans are exposed to Canadian news or entertainment, Canadians were raised on Archie Bunker and Carol Burnett. In the fullness of time I’ll get you up to speed on The Littlest Hobo and Charlie Farquharson.
      I’ll also stick to Canadian spellings of words for the sole purpose of asserting my nationalism. It’s an honour to meet you!

      Paul Bell
      Canadian political reporter, Politician Reviews

  2. Please tell the American people in a political news story how screwed up the Canadian healthcare system is. I’m sure that it can’t be good. The court system that the American people got shoved down their throat has nothing to do with healthcare it only is a money grab from the liberal wack jobs in Washington DC. I called them DC maggots.

  3. Paul Bell when you get a chance I would like to talk to you. I’m excited about you being on board our website and I’m looking forward to your friends having the same opportunity that we have giving you.

  4. Hi Paul, welcome aboard. Maybe you can share with us about the health care system in Canada if you would. Obama care is horrible here in the states. Forced upon a people to purchase such a scam. How in the hell can a Government get away with making it a tax.
    Welcome again
    Sheryl Lawrinson
    A reporter for Politician Reviews

    • It’s forced on the American people because we have politicians that do not respect the Constitution and only focus on what they want to shove down our throats to keep them in political power because they know people above them will help them continue to do that. I’m going to do whatever I can to see to it that more people in Canada get to use our website. Maybe the American people can learn from what Canadians have had to deal with for so many years.

      Right now Canadians do not have the freedom that we have and maybe the American people can learn from what other people are experiencing in Canada. Paul I look forward to your postings in the future

    • Absolutely. our “free” healthcare is not free at all and under its current business model is failing. The decay is incremental but undeniable. Universal health care is an easy sell as a policy pitch but in practice, well, many Canadians travel to the States for MRIs and other treatments.

  5. Paul Bell I really appreciate your enthusiasm about what we are doing and I’m really glad that we had an opportunity to meet one another last night. Just like you said we will not edit anything you post everything you post will be as it is when you post it.

    There are so many news reporters that just love to distort the truth to help them acquire their agenda. We are not that way in his time progresses forward we will continue to invite others from Canada to join up with our team. I definitely look forward to meeting other friends that you have an inviting them to do the same thing that you will be doing.

    Feel free to invite your Facebook friends to join you and helping you bring the truth to Canadians as well as Americans. I believe the truth is needed and I believe that you will tell it.

    Welcome aboard my friend.

    Best regards
    Stick Bogart.

    • Thanks Nancy. American readers have welcomed me unreservedly. I deeply appreciate your encouragement. My Canadian friends are a little shocked that I would choose to associate myself with an American based media organization. Some may know that I have rejected offers from Canadian media.
      Politician Reviews will not edit or distort my contributions or those of any other reporter on the site. I did not have that assurance from any other publisher.

  6. Paul,
    Welcome aboard. We all look forward to your articles. It will be greatfuly appreciated for U.S. citizens to see they are not alone when it comes to a scandeless government. We also wish you great success in your cantadicy race for Ward 33.

    • Thanks Thomas. It’s a great opportunity to help restore transparency to a political system that has lost its way on both sides of the 49th parallel.

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