Perth Observer and The Oroville Dam

Oroville Dam and Perth Observer


With a heavy accent and a honest soul, Perth Observer has hit Youtube hard with her witty and humorous observation of the Oroville Dam situation in California. She has been on this story since the very beginning. Everyday her fans/subscribers are drawn to her channel because of her informative reporting, political banter, and truth of the Dam and the people in charge. Her cursing and laughter keeps the subs right where they need to be. Through all this observing, she has a keen eye now for the bs that falls into play with this event. She is the first to call shenanigans when the leaders fail, and the first to warn the area of the foul intentions of these leaders. She is the most honest reporter one has seen ever on the web. Following her is like following your friend.

This is her writing on her Patreon page : Hello People, 
I'm glad you could join me on my path in life. I walk with everyone. I believe we learn till the day we die. I'm hopefully here to teach you a thing or too. If my work helps only 1 person to know a bit more about this crazy world we live in, then i have succeeded. I am here to help you think outside the box. I am a great believer of Freedom of Speech…We all have a right to an opinion. We don't have to agree on all things but we must remember to "Agree to Disagree" . I will fight for your right to an opinion even if i disagree with you. Help me to wake people up. Help me to Unite people. Help me to make this a better Earth to live on…. 🙂

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Below are some older videos of her and the Oroville Dam. Enjoy!


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