Phil Murphy Reviews: Legal Cannabis in NJ by April 26, 2018

Democratic Party Candidate Phil Murphy has won the state position of Governor starting Jan 16th, 2018. He promises that within 100 days of his installment he will legalize cannabis in the state of NJ. I'm holding him to this promise and will continue writing about it until that promise is fulfilled.

As an over 30 years activist and caregiver, I have seen many changes in the industry surrounding this plant and all its miracle wonders. The 60's kids are now all grown up and are politicians now. It seems they all want this except for those involved with the money aspect of the business. From Bush to Obama, they have all smoked pot and are now finding the legalization of the medicine will help our country tremediously. Trump's mafia cenntered cousin, Gov. Christie, who has an addicted to hard drugs brother, never wanted cannabis to be legal. He called it "Beyond Stupidy" to legalize it. Obviously, Chris has never smoked a "J" in his life. 

Murphy will be revising the bill once more before presenting it in a hearing to present to voters, but with the nation polls of over 65% of us wanting it legal, the bill will pass in NJ with flying colors. The revision will exclude personal growing of the plant in homes as other states have allowed, and perhaps this is why the bill was shut down before. Christie didn't want the personal sale of the plant without his fat fingers on the green. Murphy wants to give the projected income of $300 million to Education Programs and the public workers pension. 

So, Governor Murphy, you have until April 26th, 2018 to fulfill your promise. And again, I'm holding you to that promise. You'd be surprised how many voters voted for you for this particular reason…your fight for this medicine. 


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