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2018 brings New Jersey a new Governor of the state. Running for this position from the Republican Party is Kim Guadagno, who is basically a smaller cut out of current Gov. Chris Christie. On the Democratic Party is the current poll leader, Phil Murphy. Polls close at 8 pm, but Murphy according to this website is in the lead by a 14.4% spread as of 7 pm est. With Murphy at 49.5% and Guadagno at 35.1%, the polls are not closed yet, but seems to favor Murphy as the finally result.

These are two candidates with clearly different views on how NJ should be ran.  Guadagno will try to ride the coat tail of Christie and his values, as Murphy is running on changing NJ into a sanctuary state. It's not working in California, so one may think where is he going to find another model to follow. 

Time will only tell, but as the clock strikes 8, NJ has elected a new Governor. 


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