Philippines City of Marawi Under Attack, Over 600 Casualties Reported

News Events / published 8-10-2017 Todays between the lines report.

City of Marawi on the Philippine island of Mindanao, attacked, and seized by ISIS Affiliated Group, they have turned the city of 200,000 inhabitants into a battlefield.

Philippines now under the global jihad community’s spotlight, bringing an entire new set of challenges even if the Philippines succeeds in the current minefield it faces. 

It’s not making headlines but they’ve had over 600 casualties there. … This is a rapidly growing threat.

The Islamic State group’s affiliates in the southern portion of the U.S.-allied nation of the Philippines is also a growing threat to U.S. security, not just only in the Pacific.

The Army reports, so far fighters from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Yemen and Chechnya have been discovered among the dead in the fight for Marawi.

Source; Director of the Asia-Pacific Counter-IED Fusion Center, which monitors improvised explosive device activity in the region.

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