Republicans trying to pass unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban


Congressional Republicans didn't get their way with health care, but that doesn't mean they've given up trying to strip care from millions of Americans. This time, they're targeting reproductive health and rights with a 20-week abortion ban based on junk science.

The bill, misleadingly titled the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, seeks to ban abortion at 20 weeks alleging that this is when fetuses can feel pain. This wild claim is not supported by scientific research. And the bill doesn't just ban abortion at 20 weeks — it also would penalize doctors who perform 20-week abortions with up to FIVE years in jail.

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Republicans tried to pass this law before, and it was blocked by the Senate in 2015. But with Trump in the White House and a base hungry for wins they're feverishly reigniting their War on Women. The anti-choice movement has made gains in states by limiting access to abortion care, but many of their efforts have been blocked in the courts. The majority of Americans support reproductive rights, but that isn't stopping the GOP from their attack on women.

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Let's be clear — Republicans are threatening women's health care to win points with their extreme right-wing base… and we can't let them win. Later abortions are a critical part of health care, and Congress has no place interfering with women's abilities to make decisions about their own bodies. 

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