Russia Proud Owner Of All U.S. Uranium Assets-Thank You Hillary!

     Russia, Russia, Russia, all the talk in mainstream media and among the Democrats is Russia. Well, if the mainstream media   and Democrats want to talk about Russia, let's talk about Russia! Let's talk about the FACT that former President Obama, his administration, Hillary Clinton, and the State Department approved the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium assets. Let's talk about the "radioactive scandal". The scandal to the tune of more than $145 million in secret donations involving the "Russian government", foreign financiers, and the Clinton Foundation. The fact is mainstream media and the Democrats want to talk about Russia, but only "their" side of Russia, and "their" side of Russia is only falsehoods, and misguided information in regards to the Trump administration and Russia. The fact is there is reason to talk, "Russia", a $145 million reason to talk "Russia".

   Want to talk about "Russia"? Just ask the author, Peter Schweizer, of the New York Times best selling book, "Clinton Cash". In 2015 Schweizer's book was a New York Times best seller that the Clintons feared. Turns out the book, revealing how the Clintons went from having millions of dollars in debt to earning over $130 million was somewhat ignored. As mainstream media wanted Hillary to win the 2016 presidential election, there was little talk about the best selling book, "Clinton Cash". The book revealed how the Clintons were made rich, very rich with the help of foreign governments, like "Russia" and  "Saudi Arabia" and foreign businesses, and oh yes, the infamous, "Clinton Foundation".  This best seller so feared by the Clintons was never even mentioned during the campaign by the press. Not only was it not mentioned, it was pretty much ignored. A multi million dollar deal involving 20 percent of all U.S. uranium assets was made, and not once was presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, questioned about it in any of the numerous presidential debates. Trivial questions such as one on regarding Rosie O'Donnell were asked of our President, yet a question involving 20% of all U.S. uranium assets and $145 million payment to the Clinton Foundation were not of enough relevancy to ask Hillary Clinton? Apparently not. 

  Mainstream media, including the fair and balanced Fox stayed away from "Clinton Cash". They all stayed away from "Clinton Cash", as they knew every  bit of information in it was true. "Clinton Cash" couldn't be debunked. While everyone may have stayed away from "Clinton Cash", there was NO denying, "Clinton Cash". Why even two Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporters, Jo Beck and Mike McIntire couldn't even "debunk" two of the most damaging chapters in Schweizer's, "Clinton Cash". In fact, Beck and McIntire ran a 3000 word New York Times front page piece validating Schweizer's claims. His claims, that Bill and Hillary Clinton aided a Mr. Frank Giustra, a Canadian financier and a small Canadian company in their obtainment of quite lucrative uranium mining concession from the Dictator in Kazakhstan. This same Canadian company which was renamed, "Uranium One", purchased uranium concessions in the United States. Russia, having a desire for uranium, then later purchased the Canadian company for a price Canadian investors couldn't refuse, and this is where the plot thickens…

  In order for the Russians to purchase the Canadian company, Uranium One, the approval of former President Obama and Hillary Clinton's State Department would have had to have been given. Why? Because uranium was and still is an important strategic commodity. A commodity worth up to $145 million. Coincidentally, $145 million in donations was given by nine share holders of Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation. These donations were made subject to the State Department's approval, and as Hillary was at the time the Secretary of State, the donations were approved with bells and whistles. These donations included donations from the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Teller, the Russian government, and other foreign financiers.  Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Russia at present owns twenty percent of  U.S. uranium assets.  When once questioned by a brazen reporter about the uranium deal, Hillary stated that the deal was untrue. She stated that she was not yet the Secretary of State and the dates failed to match up. She was incorrect, the dates did and still do match up. Another words, Hillary lied, but let's talk more about Russia…

   Russia, Russia, Russia. If mainstream media wants to talk about Russia, they need to educate the American people on not only the alleged collusion of the President's camp with Russia, but Hillary Clinton's receiving of $145 million from the Russian government and other foreign investors. The media wants to talk about Russia, then the media should talk about the "radioactive scandal" in which Hillary Clinton sold 20 percent of all U.S. uranium assets to Russia. Yes, let's talk,"Russia"!

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