San Antonio Human Smuggling: 39 Found, 10 Dead in Walmart Truck

So, so sad! 39 people are found in a Walmart Truck in San Antonio, Texas. 8 of them were found dead and 2 more died at the hospital. The Washington Post reports: "

criminal complaint stated that James M. Bradley Jr., 60, who has been charged with illegally smuggling foreigners for “commercial advantage or private financial gain,” drove an unair–conditioned trailer filled with more than 100 immigrants up I-35 into San Antonio as temperatures soared into the triple-digits. Bradley told federal authorities that when he finally opened the trailer door, several passengers were “lying on the floor like meat,” according to the complaint.

Police found at least 39 people in the tractor-trailer, which was parked Sunday in a Walmart parking lot here. Eight men were dead. Two others died later at a hospital, the authorities said."

This is so sad. It has to stop! The driver will be facing court now. They were stuck in the trailor for who's knows how long, in triple digit weather with no air conditioning or food or water. This truly has to stop!


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