Scaramucci Did His Job! Got Rid of Spicer and Priebus!

      Only Anthony Scaramucci and the President know why the shortest term for communications was just served. President Trump seems to be playing a game of chess using Tony The Mooch to remove some key players without looking like he actually did it himself. Tony did his job and now has stepped down or was removed. Never got a straight answer from everything that I researched. Again, only Tony and Don know the secret handshake and nose itch. 

     His interview with the New Yorker perhaps tells the feelings of Tony the Mooch. reports: "Last week, Scaramucci unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe in an interview with The New Yorker, in which the former Wall Street financier slammed his most senior colleagues and pushed into public view the warring power centers within the White House." 

     Whether Scaramucci takes another position again is undecided at this time, but look to it be a position of power if he is asked and accepts another "job" for the President. . Tony maybe stepping down to allow John Kelly to organize a fresh team. 

     Watch the Young Turks video on Scaramucci's wife asking for a divorce on July 28th. She hated Trump, was 9 months pregnant, and this is quite a story. Check it out and the others posted here. 

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