South Carolina University Shots Fired

South Carolina University was on lock down for about an hour after reports of shots fired at the Campus Edge Apartments off Noth Pine St by the library, reports The State. Yet the police are still searching for the suspect/s? Something seems strange here, folks. The State also reports, "A tweet from the university’s account described the shooter as wearing khaki pants and a gray “hoodie,” carrying an automatic weapon." What The State failed to mention was the tweet from the administration said the suspect was black.  shows a video on their website from an looker filming the police arriving at the scene, but no official narrative is coming from a reporter. just reported pretty much the same thing as the other stories, adding the truth, though, of the suspects discription. 

Then, in comes, The Washington Post, who cannot make up their minds about any part of this story. What's the saying? Making shit up as they go along….They report that there are no injuries at the beginning of their article, but add on campus at the end. I guess to ease the minds of over flowing calls from worried parents. The truth be told, there was an injury to the arm of a victim.

The suspect then ran away, according to witnesses, and is still at large. How is this easing any parents mind? The University pulls the lockdown after an hour or so, yet this guy is still running around on or off campus?? What part of this seems strange to you all? You have a guy running around with a supposed automatic weapon and  it's class as usual? If I were a parent or student or teacher there, I would be so apt to call it the day and go home. Absolutely unsafe environment. Furthermore, what American environment is safe now-a-days? 

The common theme across the internet it seems is we cannot go to school, church, work, or even courthouses without fear of injury/death. How much longer can we live like this? It simply cannot demonstrate to the next generations as this being The Norm. We need to teach our children that life on this Earth is changing; this is not our normal, and should never be theirs. I believe it's our reaction to the action that will define our era.

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