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 My name is Stick Bogart and I am the founder of  yes I got placed in Facebook jail yesterday.

It’s a shame that Facebook does not tell everybody why they got placed in Facebook jail they don’t even give you a chance to  contact them and ask them why that you’ve been placed in Facebook jail.

They don’t provide you with a way to contact them maybe because they don’t want to hear from you I don’t know what in this video below I challenge Mark Zuckerberg to contact me and I give him a clear way to do it.  In the video I talk about people that run a business using Facebook and also they communicate with the family members so if somebody’s in the hospital maybe they have a way to instant message them through Facebook that something has gone wrong and they want the family to come together to help with an unfortunate situation .

You can’t do that if you’re in Facebook jail.  The person that places you in Facebook jail never identifies himself they get to stay in the closet where you can’t find out who they are or find out why they  placed you in Facebook jail it’s just a big dark unknown.     This is a policy that I’m not happy with and I think there needs to be changes.     Now there’s a couple of videos that I’m going to be posting on Politician Reviews in the hours to come that reveal that these videos of Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed by Congress.

These videos were produced almost a year and a half ago some of them even longer than that and there’s issues that I’ve discovered today that are still going on that if the users of Facebook knew about that would be upset.

I’m gonna give maybe a week of time to pass and see if I get a response from somebody or Facebook maybe I’ll give them two weeks if I don’t hear from them I’m going to contact Congress I’m hoping everybody that watches this video that’s going to be posted or share this with your Facebook friends maybe somebody at Facebook will pick up on it and get Mr. Zuckerberg to touch base with me call it        “ the Bogart challenge “.

Share this with your social media no matter which one you use hopefully your posted all over Facebook and we will activate the Bogart challenge and see if Mr. Zuckerberg touches base with me.   I am posting this because I discovered something today that I think Mr. Zuckerberg needs to address and it revolves around the users security regarding their content.   I really hope people share this with your friends  and Facebook family members more videos to come.

Go  To YouTube post your comments on my YouTube channel.   I’m new to posting YouTube videos  just remember as I progress they will get better I promise.    Here is my motto.

“  it’s not ego,  it’s We Go “.  Thank you for watching and I hope you share this with your friends and family I look forward your content posted on this particular review.   I want to resolve these issues that I found in a constructive way.  👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

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