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Dear Stick

There's no reason to subscribe anymore to cable, which just funds the "Destroy Trump" media, and all the programming you can't stand. 

If tens of millions of Americans would just agree to stop watching dishonestCNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, HBO, ESPN, and even cut the cord with cable, the media organizations would have to change their ways or go out of business. 

If tens of millions of Americans would just agree to stop reading The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, or stop using Yahoo or AOLthey would lose billions of dollars in ad revenue

And their stockholders would demand change – fairness in news coverage. This is how we can hurt these "Fake News" organizations where it hurts – in their bank accounts. 

We at The Conservative Caucus have launched a national campaign with the goal of getting 62 MILLION Americans to commit (by adding your name to the Pledge) to simply STOP WATCHING, READING or USING these "Destroy Trump" Fake News media outlets and organizations. 

I am writing to ask you to join this effort by taking these four ACTION STEPS: 

ACTION STEP #1: Please add your name top the "Media Boycott Pledge." 

We will be releasing regular updates to the media on the number of Americans who have signed this pledge to STOP watching, reading, and using any of these "Fake News" media organizations. 

OUR GOAL: To get at least 62 MILLION Americans who voted in 2016 to sign this pledge. Why 62 MILLION? 

Because that's the number of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. So please sign this pledge today to STOP watching and reading the liberal news media. 

ACTION STEP #2: Please complete the 2017 Survey of American Voters on the State of the News Media in America. 

One purpose of this survey is to find out if voters trust the news media more, or President Trump more. 

If you read and listen to the media, you would think the entire country disapproves of the job President Trump is doing. 

But what the media doesn't tell you is that these so-called "Presidential approval and disapproval" polls the media keeps conducting and broadcasting are usually surveys of American adult residents (even including illegal aliens) – not surveys of registered voters or even actual voters. 

All that matters is what actual voters think. 

Some research indicates that in a rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump would win the popular vote this time by 3 points. This includes California, New York and all the states won by Hillary. 

It would be an absolute blow-out in the battleground states that matter – like Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. 

Polling research also show that President Trump has not experienced any erosion of support among those who voted for him, but that six percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton would likely switch their vote to Trump. 

So the bogus polls you are seeing in the media are complete distortions of reality. 

The way they distort reality against Trump is by polling adult U.S. residents (including illegal aliens) – not limiting their poll to those who actually vote. 

All that matters is what actual voters think. 

President Trump is gaining strength among those who actually vote. 

But you won't hear that from the "Destroy Trump Media." 

As with the number of signers of this "Media Boycott Pledge," we'll also be releasing ongoing tallies of the results of this survey of 62,000,000 actual U.S. voters . . .

  • President Donald Trump;
  • Members of the House and Senate;
  • The news media.

ACTION STEP #3: Please add your name to the "Letter of Thanks & Appreciation" to President Trump – for standing strong against the "Destroy Trump Media" and for calling out the "Fake News." 

We will deliver your "Letter of Thanks" to President Trump, along with millions of these signed letters we aim to collect. 

This letter I am asking you to sign thanks Donald Trump for being the first President in modern times to really stand up to the media and call them out when they are telling lies – which they do all the time. 

Most conventional conservative and Republican politicians just cower in the corner and say nothing. And then they just cave into whatever the leftist media wants them to do. 

Not President Trump. Unlike other Republican and conservative politicians, he actually fights back against this "fake news" liberal media. 

My name is Peter Thomas. I am the Chairman of THE CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS. 

Founded in 1974, THE CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS has attracted more than 1,000,000 members and supporters and is America's largest and oldest organization mobilizing conservative and pro-freedom Americans for effective political and civic action. 

I believe that, like me, you are a strong supporter of President Trump and no doubt share my disgust with the non-stop anti-Trump propaganda flowing the liberal news media. 

And I'm sure you agree with me that it's time to fight back. Well, you can fight back simply by pledging to STOP WATCHING. 

Your commitment to STOP WATCHING, just by itself will hurt CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC – especially in you are joined by millions of other Patriots who will commit to STOP WATCHING. 

Here are the economics. 

If you are a subscriber to cable and you watch CNN for 30 minutes per day, you are generating about $16.80 per month for CNN and MSBC. 

CNN and MSNBC make their money from two primary sources – advertising revenue and licensing fees paid by the cable companies. 

58% of a cable news channel's revenue comes from the cable company. 39% comes from ad revenue. 3% from other sources. So you are paying CNN and MSNBC about $16.80 per year by watching it. 

Why pay these two channels $16.80 apiece per year – thus helping to fund their "fake news" and leftist propaganda. 

The fewer viewers they have, the less ad revenue they will make. Also, the less the cable companies will pay them. 

Eventually, the cable companies will drop these channels completely if almost no one is watching them. 

Same economics for digital media. If you click on the websites of The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or any media, these companies make money. 

Just by clicking on these sites, you earn them about 3 cents each time you "view" just one of their pages. 

And if you click on an ad running on one of these sites, you're earning them about 30 cents on average in advertising revenue. This might not sound like much. But it adds up over time. 

So why help these "fake news" organizations make money? 

As part of your commitment to stop helping these media companies make money, stop viewing and stop clicking onto their websites. That will be difficult to do. Often you don't know where links are taking you. 

But you can try. 

If you subscribe to HBO, you are probably paying an extra $16 per month for the privilege of helping to pay the disgusting Bill Maher his $2.2 MILLION annual salary. Why do it? 

Even better than turning the channel is to cancel your cable subscription entirely. Many people are paying $200 to $250 per month to their cable company, which funds all this trash. 
There's no reason to. 

All you really need is an internet connection. You can get good reliable high-speed Internet for about $49 per month. Then you can just plug your computer into your TV and stream all the news, TV shows and movies you want for FREE, or pay modest ala carte fees for the program you actually want to see. 

But a lot of it is FREE. You will easily save more than $100 per month by getting your news and entertainment this way. 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Red (which gets you YouTube with no ads) are all about $9 per month. Netflix has about 10,000 movies and shows, Amazon Prime has 17,000 movies and shows. 

You'll be able to watch what you want when you want. And you won't have to put up with ads. 

Most modern TVs today are equipped with Bluetooth, so you don't even need to plug your computer into your TV to stream your shows and movies. And they are equipped with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime icons right on your screen. You just push the buttons, pay the monthly fee, or pay ala carte, and watch the movies and shows you want when you want … with no ads. 

If tens of millions of our fellow Trump supporters start doing this, the liberal news media will lose BILLIONS of dollars every year. And the liberal news media will lose influence. 

Why put up with listening to all this "Fake News" and lies. Why let the "Fake News" liberal media occupy any space in your brain? Why pay the liberal media to make you angry and unhappy? 

But we need your help to get this Revolt Against the "Fake News" Mediabuilding in a major way. 

If we are to succeed in getting 62,000,000 Americans to add their name to the Pledge to STOP WATCHING "Fake News" Media we need to get the word out to Americans about this pledge and Citizens Revolt against the media with mailings like this, plus create viral internet messages (including videos) that reach tens of millions of Americans. 

We are also using Facebook, and other social media to spread the word about this effort. 

ACTION STEP #4: Please rush THE CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS the best gift of support you can. 

Over the next 60 days, we hope to put this packet in the hands of millions of Americans. We need donations to do this. Please keep in mind that it costs us to mail this packet to one citizen – including . . .

  • Pledge to STOP WATCHING the "Fake News" Media we are asking citizens to sign.
  • The survey we're asking you and tens of millions of Americans to complete.
  • The "Letter of Thanks and Appreciation" for delivery to President Trump.
  • Plus, this email describing this Citizens Revolt Against the "Fake News" Media we're asking 62 MILLION Americans to join and participate in.

We need your help to put this packet – including this Pledge to STOP WATCHING the "Fake News" Media – in the hands of tens of millions of Americans. 

For a donation of $100, for example, we can mail this packet to 154 Americans, asking them to join this boycott and to simply STOP WATCHING the liberal news media and to cut the cable cord. 

For a donation of $50, we can mail this packet to 77 Americans. 

For a donation of $20, we can mail this packet to 30 Americans, asking them to join this Citizens Revolt Against the "Fake News" Media. 

Or perhaps you are blessed to be in a position to make an even larger contribution to this effort, of $500, $1,000, or perhaps even more. What a blessing that would be! 

Whatever you can contribute will help – no matter how large or small your gift. What matters most is for every reader of this email to contribute something – whatever is the right amount for you. Whatever funds arrive in answer to my email, packets will be mailed to more American citizens – at a cost of 65 cents each. 

That's how we get this Citizens Revolt Against the "Fake News" Mediarolling and building like a giant tsunami tidal wave. But for this campaign to succeed, every reader of this email must get involved, and needs to contribute something – whatever you can. And get your like-minded friends and relatives involved too. 

The media has become the OPPOSITION PARTY. Every day all day, the media think of nothing else but how to destroy President Trump, and destroy the America you love. 

It's time for you and me (and tens of millions of Americans) to pull the plug on the "Fake News" Media – to cut off their revenue. Hit them where it hurts – in their bank accounts. 

The way you do that is to stop watching the "fake news" and liberal media. 

Thank you for reading my email and joining this effort. Please contribute what you can. I will anxiously look to hear back from you in the next few days by return mail. 


Peter Thomas
Peter J. Thomas
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus 

P.S. I'm looking forward to receiving your signed Pledge to Boycott (STOP WATCHING) the Destroy Trump news media – like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC . . . and your signed "Letter of Thanks & Appreciation" to President Trump – for standing strong against the  "Destroy Trump Media"and for calling out the "Fake News" and "very Fake News." 

We will deliver your signed "Letter of Thanks" to President Trump on your behalf as well as updating him on the number of Americans who have signed this Pledge to STOP WATCHING the "Fake News" media. 

Remember, the smaller their audience, the less money they make. Just by refusing to watch CNN, for example, you can cost CNN $16.80 per year. Same with all the other TV networks. Don't click on their websites either. 

But this Citizens Revolt Against the "Fake News" Media will only work if tens of millions of Americans commit to STOP WATCHING and stop clicking on the "Destroy Trump" media. If this campaign works, we (you and I and every Patriot who contributes to this effort) can cost the "fake news" media billions of dollars. 

That's why your gift is so important – to help get the word out about this Citizens Revolt Against the "Fake News" Media – including this campaign to get millions of Patriots to agree to STOP watching "Fake News." 

One way we're getting the word out is by mailing this packet to millions of households across America. But mailing this packet to one household costs us about 65 cents each. 

This means your gift for $50 will allow this packet to go to 77 American households. Or your gift of $25 will allow us to mail this packet to 38 Americans, asking them to join this Citizens Revolt Against "Fake News".Or perhaps you are blessed to be able to make an even larger contribution to this effort. What a Godsend that would be! 

Whatever you can contribute will help – no matter how large or small your gift. What's most important is for every American Patriot who reads this letter to contribute something – whatever is the right gift amount for you. 

Thank you for standing with President Trump and for doing your part to help us cost the "Fake News" Media billions of dollars through this viewer boycott campaign. Please do your best to help this effort succeed! 

The Conservative Caucus
a project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty 
P.O. Box 1890 
Merrifield, VA 22116 

The Conservative Caucus, a project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty is a public policy organization, contributions to which are not tax deductible. The IRS has determined The Conservative Caucus, a project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty to be a 501(c)(4) organization, exempt from Federal income tax. Contributions to The Conservative Caucus, a project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty are not subject to FEC regulation or disclosure requirements, and corporate donations are permitted. 


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