Sutherland Springs, Texas Shooting Was A Drill/No Bullet Holes

Another false flag or perhaps hoax has raised its evil self in Sutherland Springs, Texas at a small out of the way church. With over half of the congregation dead, (supposedly), one wonders how much money Gov. Perry made off this hoax. And when is it going to stop.

Richie From Boston, who Youtube channel has been totally removed by Youtube, has a new channel now. He was sent by one of his subscribers in the Sutherland Springs area footage of the church that appears to have not a-one bullet hole in the front the building where Devin Patrick Kelley allegedly opened fire first before entring the church to kill 26 members. 

The churches preacher was not in church that day, humm. But the daughter was, and supposedly killed by Kelley. Below is the video Rcihie was sent. Leave thoughts and comments below or email me at I can also be reached on Twitter or Facebook under Denise Stark. 

If you have footage of this church or any film relating to this event, feel free to send it to me and I'll get the truth out to the public, unlike what CNN and other news trams are doing. 

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