The Daily Show – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Welcomes Syrian Refugees to Canada


The Daily Show – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Welcomes Syrian. Justin Trudeau what a JACK.  Who in their right mind would want this circus clown is the prime minister.  

He can't wait to invite the refugees into your country in Canada.  This guy needs a check up from the neck up.  

I certainly don't believe that there is a device on the planet that can measure such a low level of intelligence.  If you live in Canada I encourage you to share this review with your friends on Facebook I'm looking forward to your comments.  

I'm going to say this in a politically correct way Who's wood did he lick  to become the prime minister of Canada ?  

I'm looking for your response it's time for Canadians to speak out and enjoy the freedom of speech without censorship.

 This guy will do whatever he can to help destroy the freedom the Canadians have and that is a shame.  We have these kind of circus clowns in our country.  Remember if you live in Canada I'm looking for your comments please share this website with your friends it's time to speak up it's time to remember who the boss is is it the public or the political maggots ?


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  1. I really feel but the prime minister of Canada has no clue what he’s doing. If you live in Canada feel free to use your freedom of speech on our website and post what you want about your Prime Minister.

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