The liberals on the left should be forced to pay a illegal immigration tax out of their paycheck maybe then they would not support illegal immigration if they had to pay for it

Democrat Admits Party Depends on Illegal Immigrant Votes.  There’s a simple way to solve illegal immigration.  Pass a law that forces the liberals to pay a immigration tax for the illegals to come into this country that they want in this country.

The liberals look the other way when it comes to illegal immigration but they support illegal immigration they should be the ones forced to support the illegal immigrants out of their own paychecks with a liberal immigration tax that comes out of their paycheck every payday.   If the liberals have to pay for it out of their own pocket maybe they will not support it anymore.

If you vote for it you have to pay for it.    The people who love this country want to eliminate illegal immigration the people that hate this country want to increase illegal immigration so force them to pay for it.   Even the politicians that support illegal immigration should be forced to help pay for it.



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