The Lies Of Hillary Clinton Backed By The House Of Obama She Wants You To Wipe Away With A Cloth

1. Hillary Clinton's nightmare is about to get far, far worse. As her indictment, arrest & probable jailing draws nearer, it's useful to pinpoint key dates in her downfall. And to better understand the team being developed to carry it out.

2. Many still doubt that anything will be done with the Clintons. IMO they misunderstand the paradigm shift caused by Trump's election, the weight and gravity of HRC's criminality, as well as the carefully planned takedown in play.

3. They also fail to understand Trump's resolve. His promise to drain the swamp isn't just about a massive anti-corruption drive. It's also about restoring public confidence in the rule of law.

4. In order to do that, it is extremely important that the public see the rule of law applying to high profile figures. That would be the Clintons, esp Hillary Rodham Clinton. Anything less won't be enough to start the process of recovery & I'm sure Trump knows this.

5. It's also time to put Mueller conspiracy theories to bed. There may be surprises in store and Mueller's motivations remain unclear, but the evidence shows that all winds are blowing to Clinton County, State of Corruption, USA.

6. So, back to key dates. Like two days from now – Nov 15, 2017. Why is this date extremely important? It is the final date the Clinton Foundation must file amended returns with the IRS. And the first date they've had to do it with Trump in power.

7. They did this was in Nov 2015, when the CF filed its 2014 tax return, as well as amending its filings for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. And then again in October 2016, when they suddenly filed further returns that they had 'forgotten' to file in previous years.

8. These returns revealed $ millions in undisclosed donations. The 'audit' was a farce, conducted by a law firm that was itself a donor to the CF : 

Clinton Foundation tax forms reveal millions in unreported donations
The amended tax form from 2010 included $8.8 million in government grants that was not previously listed.

9. So 15 Nov is an EXTREMELY important date. It's the first time the CF has had to file audited returns since Trump became POTUS. But this time, the returns will be audited by independent, top quality accounting firms with excellent reputations.

10. One of the things about the Clintons is that their crime is so widespread. They literally are the gift that keeps on giving, when it comes to corruption. Which is useful, because their cult acolytes will find any excuse to absolve them.

11. They'll say the Fusion GPS dossier is 'oppo research', when it's actually an illegal, planned takedown of Trump by the Clintons that involved the contribution of an ex-MI6 spook & FSB (Russian spies).

12.They'll argue the U1 scandal is 'debunked', when in fact it gave Putin control over US uranium reserves via Rosatom, including an export capability, while an undisclosed $145 million flowed into the CF.

13. They'll argue that Hillary saved the DNC when she took it over with her Victory Fund, when in fact she was using it to cheat her way to the Democratic Party nomination, as well as divert political donations into her own back pocket.

14. And even when you point out that combined scandals reveal a pattern of crime, they'll still deny that the Clintons could be guilty of anything. Which is why the Clintons are great, because there's ALWAYS another scandal you can bring up.

15. For example, most liberals are totally unaware of the way the Clintons promoted & protected Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk between 2009-2013.

16. Punchik's company, Pipeline, manufactured pipes for use in the oil & gas sectors. Between 2009-2013, Punchik was given free reign by US authorities to expand his pipe business illegally.

17. Within the US, Pinchuk illegally dumped steel pipes on the natural gas extraction sector, causing prices to plummet. Victims? US steelworkers in Ohio & Pennsylvania. See

Trade Dispute Centers on Ukrainian Executive With Ties to Clintons
The oligarch Victor Pinchuk illustrates the complications that come with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s network of deep-pocketed supporters.

18. Outside the USA, Pinchuk sold steel pipes to Iran, which was under severe US sanctions. Given that Interpipe USA was a subsidiary of Interpipe, this was illegal. In fact, the US has penalized non-US companies trading with sanctioned nations, see 

China fury at US sanction on firm
China criticises US sanctions imposed on oil firm Zhuhai Zhenrong for trading with Iran as Premier Wen Jiabao visits the Gulf.

19. During this time and despite the illegal activity, Pinchuk was also granted unprecedented access to the State Department. We are talking dozens of meetings with key officials.

20. The SOS during this time? Hillary Rodham Clinton. Punch's price pay to play? At least $10 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation, as well as pledges for an eye-watering $25+ million.

Emails show Clinton denied, then met with Ukrainian donor
Victor Pinchuk gave up to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

21. 'Nothing to see here', the cult acolytes will shout, before arguing that the GOP has been targeting the Clintons for decades, with nothing to show for it.

22. They ALWAYS conveniently leave out that these two crooks had built a formidable culture of silence and willful blindness, using intimidation & bribery, to protect themselves.

23. As Hillary famously wrote, 'It Takes a Village'. In the Clintons case, it most certainly did. Protected by a distracted, dumbed down and bribed media class, a corrupted political class & a weak, feeble POTUS (Obama) & a cult army, the Clintons almost destroyed America.

24. In reality, the crimes are vast. To date, Hillary Clinton's include AT LEAST tax evasion, money laundering, racketeering (RICO), bribery, obstruction of justice, mishandling of classified information, /…

25. /…misappropriation of thousands of government records, breach of campaign-finance laws, perjury, bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

26. That's only the crimes we can identify right now. You can read experts who have chronicles the criminality of the Clintons in detail, for example here

Clinton’s State Department: A RICO Enterprise
Hillary Clinton's corruption extended so far as to approve a Russian takeover of U.S. uranium assets for a donor to the Clinton Foundation …

And here

Charles Ortel
Notes on the continuing crisis

(@charlesortel is amazing BTW)

And here

The Clintons — At the End of All Things

27. It's been happening for years, in plain sight. And the Clintons didn't care because they thought they had guaranteed protection. The problem for the Clintons is that their cover was blown away on Nov 8, 2016. This time, they are in Trump's crosshairs.

28. You'll recall my thread noting the appointment of Christopher Wray, the new FBI Director. He's been appointed by Trump to lead a massive anti-corruption drive. 

Imperator_Rex @Imperator_Rex3

Replying to @Imperator_Rex3

25. This man – Christopher Wray, FBI Director.

8:01 PM – Nov 5, 2017


29. The new IRS Director is David Kautter. He was nominated by Trump on May 10 & designated as acting Commissioner on 26 October, effectively removing Obama praetorian & hack John Koskinen.

30. Kautter's a tax (avoidance) expert. It's highly probable that Wray knows Kautter and may well have worked with him professionally. There's a fair chance Kautter was engaged by Wray as an expert witness in the many white-collar crime cases he ran as an attorney.

31. In June 2017, Don Fort was appointed as the new head of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. The CI is massive, employing some 3,100 employees across the world with a budget of $500 million. Speciality? Fraud, tax evasion & money laundering.

32. Hey, guess who came knocking on Don Fort's door just weeks after he was appointed? Why, Robert Mueller, SC, apparently. That's odd, given we're supposed to believe he's taking down the evil Drumpf (he's not):

33. Oh, back to IRS chief Kautter. When does his term at the IRS formally start again? Oh yeah, 13 November. Wow, that's a coincidence. Those tax returns the Clintons must be filed with the IRS by when? 15 November.

34. You get the picture. Massive crimes, Trump's election, a new IRS & FBI team, working with Bob Mueller. And an upcoming deadline the Clintons can't avoid.

They're exposed. Increasingly alone & vulnerable, Hillary & Bill are going down. At last. You can be certain of it.

35. And America will be far better off when it happens, too. Without it, we can't #MAGA. As POTUS 45 knows only too well.

The end.

36. ADDENDUM – a relief. Trump & Co get it 100%: 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Why we've made restoring the rule of law our top priority
Under this administration, the Department of Justice is serving the American people by following the laws they have duly enacted.

37. ADDENDUM: when politicians say these things, it means that's what is going to happen. Fantastic news (Sessions playing this superbly, too): 

Sessions considering special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate several GOP allegations of misdeeds by Hillary Clinton,…

38.ADDENDUM: read the comments to this NBC tweet. Pure deflection & delusion as per usual – a point I made in the thread. They don't realize the paradigm shift that's occurred with Trump's election and that things are only going to get worse for HRC:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

NBC News ✔@NBCNews

JUST IN: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate concerns raised by Republicans, including alleged unlawful dealings by Clinton Foundation and the sale of a uranium company




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