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Member's Message August 2017

The Monthly Newsletter of the The Conservative Caucus


TCCDear Conservative Caucus Supporter,

The year 2017 may be seen by historians as a turning point in American history – a moment when the Washington Establishment lost its grip on the Federal government and the American people reclaimed the right to govern themselves.

The election of Donald Trump has provided an opportunity to make long-awaited reforms that will remove the very foundations of establishment power.

Term limits will put an end to the professional governing class, replacing them with a citizens' Congress.

Flat Tax will eliminate the game of giving away special tax breaks to favored businesses in return for their support at election time.

Protecting the border and deporting illegal aliens will destroy the Establishment goal of amnesty, citizenship, and millions of new voters.

The Conservative Caucus is already working for all of these goals – in fact, we were working on them even before Trump's victory brought us a better opportunity.

We will continue to fight for all these items on the President's agenda – but we will also fight to protect the President himself against impeachment on false charges. The Establishment will stop at nothing to remove the President and regain their power.

I worked in the Reagan administration, helping to roll back the liberal tax-and- spend policies. Today, I am eager to help mobilize public support behind President Trump so that he can follow in Reagan's footsteps.


Peter Thomas
Peter J. Thomas
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus


TCC Members Turn Up Heat on Congress To Pass Trump Tax Plan as Step Toward Flat Tax



As Congress continues to squabble over President Donald Trump's tax plan, TCC Members are accelerating their grassroots campaign to get the federal Flat Tax included in whatever legislation is finally passed and sent to Trump for his signature later this year.

Trump's federal tax plan would:

  • Collapse the current personal income tax brackets from seven to three: 10 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent;
  • End the inheritance or "death" tax;
  • Double the standard deduction for individuals, essentially ending taxes on the first $24,000 of a couple's earnings;
  • Leave in place tax breaks for mortgage interest, charitable donations, and retirement savings; and
  • Slash the corporate tax rate – which is one of the industrial world's highest at 35 percent – to 15 percent.

"By lowering tax rates and reducing the number of tax brackets, the Trump tax plan is a step in the right direction and leads the way to the adoption of a new, federal Flat Tax system," said TCC Chairman Peter Thomas.

The Flat Tax advocated by TCC would replace the current seven personal income tax rates with one low rate of 10 percent. However, the first $36,000 for a family of four would be tax free. Deductions for mortgage interest payments and charitable donations would be kept, and the Child Tax Credit would be preserved.

Like a wide majority of Americans, TCC Members support the federal Flat Tax because it would replace the outrageously complicated IRS tax code, close tax loopholes that benefit special interest groups, and restore economic prosperity. And that is why TCC is spearheading this new grassroots public education and pressure campaign on Congress to pass President Trump's tax plan as the first bold step to adopt a genuine Flat Tax.

TCC's three-part strategy involves:

  • Quickly reaching at least 2 million more taxpayers and voters to educate them about how the Flat Tax would benefit them and their families and boost America's economy;
  • Completing our National Flat Tax Survey Campaign, which involves circulating Fiduciary Ballots to millions more citizens, plus getting our message on the radio, TV and in the newspapers, as well as spreading the word on the Internet using blogs, email groups and viral videos; and
  • Releasing survey results to Congress, the White House and the news media so they understand the Flat Tax has broad public support, and that voters will hold them accountable for their actions in the 2018 mid- term Congressional election, now just over one year away.

No doubt, the career politicians and Washington elites will be fighting us tooth and nail. These big- spending career politicians bitterly oppose long-term spending and tax reforms because it would stop them from feathering their own nests – spending our hard- earned tax dollars willy-nilly on big, powerful special interests in exchange for campaign contributions.

They're the ones who got America into this mess, but we can't let that stop us.

For decades a new tax system based on a flat rate has been vigorously supported by forward-thinking, pro-growth, limited government stalwarts like the late President Ronald Reagan and a cadre of economic and taxation experts like the late Nobel prize-winning economists, Milton Friedman and James Buchanan.

Time after time elite career politicians in Congress, backed by their wealthy cronies and other special interests, have thwarted its passage.

However, with the election of pro-tax reform, pro-economic growth Donald Trump – and with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress – taxpayers finally have the chance of a lifetime to make the flat tax a reality. In fact, it may be our last chance.

"Please don't be fooled that President Trump can do this alone," Thomas warned. "He will need all the help and support he can get from TCC's faithful supporters, as well as all the other Americans we're recruiting to join our campaign. He's battling a well- entrenched faction within the Republican Party who opposed his candidacy and will do all they can to keep the 'status quo' that has nearly ruined our country."

Another benefit of the Flat Tax is it would eliminate most of the mind-bogglingly complex, 74,608-page tax code and allow many Americans to file their taxes on a piece of paper the size of a postcard. That would reduce the size and power of the IRS, which would in turn reduce IRS corruption.

As TCC Members are painfully aware, during the Obama Administration the IRS was caught targeting Tea Party groups, as well as other Christian and conservative groups and individuals, for audits and harassment as well as denying them tax-exempt status.

Replacing the income tax with a Flat Tax would also close the tax loopholes and special privileges career politicians in Washington give to their powerful "pet" special interest cronies in exchange for re-election campaign contributions . . . the root of uncontrolled, reckless spending that is bankrupting America.

Economic experts also agree that America's high tax rates and complex, loophole-filled tax code is taking a toll on America's economic well-being.

AlarminglyAmerica's economic freedom rank plummeted to 17th under Barack Obama, according to the Heritage Foundation's 2017 Index of Economic Freedom. The once-mighty U.S. economy is now even ranked behind the former Soviet Republics of Lithuania, Estonia and Georgia.

There's no doubt America is facing many critical national problems that are vital to solve like the crisis over federal spending and borrowing, high unemployment, the threat from radical Islam and ISIS, open borders, and massive illegal immigration.

But unless we get America back on sound and healthy economic footing we will never be able to solve these other severe and worsening problems.

The good news is polls show overwhelming public support for lowering and streamlining the tax system. A poll by the American Action Network showed 75 percent of Republican voters consider tax reform a "very important issue." The poll also showed voters think two problems with the tax system are that it is too complicated and that rates are too high, both of which would be solved by enacting the Flat Tax.

"The upshot is that Congressional Republicans have absolutely no excuse for failing to send tax reform legislation to President Trump, and its clear voters would be receptive to the Flat Tax in particular," Thomas said.

The bottom line is that with Republicans in control of Congress and a President publicly committed to tax cuts, Americans have the chance of a lifetime to finally enact the Flat Tax. So let's keep moving ahead!


Attack at Teen Concert Shows Jihadist Willing To Slaughter Children



The terrorist massacre at a concert in Manchester, England in May, which killed 22 people and injured dozens of others, should remove all doubt as to what kind of people we are dealing with in the war against Islamic terrorism. They are even willing to target our children.

An 8-year-old girl was among those killed at the concert by singer Ariana Grande, whose audience was packed with teens and even pre-teens.

We should come away from Manchester with a renewed determination to complete the destruction of the Islamic State caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and to deny them a safe haven anywhere in the world.

The United States must also step up its efforts to keep such terrorists out of the United States. President Trump has proposed reasonable measures to delay immigration from the most terrorist-infested nations until vetting methods are improved. Yet Leftist federal judges have chosen to put their own political preferences above the law, the Constitution, and our safety. We must hope that the Supreme Court, when it hears the case this fall, will act promptly to overturn the lower courts.

In addition, we must be more alert than ever to homegrown terrorists among our own, mostly peaceful and loyal, Muslim population. The small minority that become radicalized must be identified, monitored, and prevented from carrying out any more terrorist attacks. Political correctness must not be allowed to interfere.

Though the American public and news media have been focused on the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe, here in our own country 150 people have been killed and 477 injured by radical Muslims since the September 11, terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

The good news is that Americans have finally elected a President determined to stop immigration by radical Islamists.  But the bad news is the radical Left is just determined to continue rolling out the red carpet for them, and this is a battle we must win, before it's too late.

That is why the TCC launched its special project to "Stop the Radical Islamic Invasion of America" in 2016, and why it will continue to give President Trump the backup he needs to halt immigration by radical Islamists.

In fact, Trump hasn't gone far enough, which is why TCC is urging him to "extend and expand" his Executive Order suspending immigration from certain countries. We believe the U.S. government should ban refugees or immigrants from any nation whose travelers cannot be vetted by federal immigration officials.

We simply can't let mass Muslim immigration destroy America the way it is destroying Europe right now.

Just as many Americans are unaware that 150 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists since September 11, 2001, many are also unaware there are now two Muslims serving Congress. They are Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, elected in 2006, and Democrat Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana, elected in 2008.

In a 2007 speech to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Carson proclaimed, "President Barack Obama needs your and my help.  He's just one person.  When he spoke to the Muslims in Turkey, I say he accepted a challenge. When he spoke to the Muslim world in Cairo, I say he accepted a challenge. But he can't do it alone."

He can't do what alone?

According to the Daily Caller, Carson has received more than $30,000 in campaign contributions from individuals associated with CAIR and with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both of which were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case, which concerned terrorist financing.

CAIR's executive director, Nihad Awad, has a history of supporting terrorist movements including Hamas.  Even so, in 2015 U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave Carson a seat on the House's Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Considering all that, can Carson really be trusted not to leak classified information related to any federal investigations that might involve CAIR, or its vast network of radical Muslim organizations?

America's other Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, has also spoken to the Islamic Society of North America, and sponsored pro-Muslim pieces of legislation, such as the "Strengthening Refugee Resettlement Act," (HR 2798). This legislation permits Muslim "refugees" pouring into our country to become lawful, permanent residents and gives them a minimum of 12 months' welfare, healthcare and living expenses.

In 2015, both Muslim Congressmen supported a resolution designed to stifle criticism of Islam under the guise of calling it "hate speech." The resolution condemned "hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States."

It's hard to find a better example of destroying America from within than getting elected to Congress, then using that position to undermine one of our most fundamental liberties:  freedom of speech. Americans need to remain vigilant about the radical Muslim threat, whether from immigration or from infiltration.


TCC-Backed Bills On Term Limits Gain Support



Slowly but surely, TCC's campaign to pressure Congress to pass term limits legislation is making an impact. There are now 36 cosponsors in the House and 12 in the Senate for legislation introduced by U.S. Congressman Ron DeSantis and Senator Ted Cruz that would limit Senators to 12 years in office (two terms) and limit Representatives to 6 years (three terms). These are the limits supported by President Trump during his campaign.

"Our goal is to make support for Term Limits a litmus test in the 2018 election, and we need every TCC Member to do his or her part," says TCC Chair Peter Thomas.

One major obstacle we're facing is the Republican Congressional leadership.  Before every election House Speaker Paul Ryan has paid lip service to Term Limits, but he has never really gotten behind it.  Ryan's counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is thumbing his nose at voters by refusing (so far) to bring Term Limits up for a vote. McConnell recently quipped to the media, "We have term limits — they're called elections."

The good news is TCC Members are pulling out all the stops to keep this legislation moving forward by flooding Congress with petitions, faxes, letters, phone calls and emails. TCC has also launched a nationwide advertising effort to recruit millions of more supporters.

The aim is to turn up the heat on the rest of Congress, with an emphasis on those facing competitive races in 2018. Our message to these professional, lifetime politicians is either support Term Limits legislation and accept two or three more terms in office OR ignore the will of the voters and serve zero more terms in office. The choice is yours!

Although Congressional Term Limits is one of the most popular issues with voters – with polls consistently showing about 75 percent support – Washington politicians are whistling through the graveyard, hoping to ignore Term Limits.

Please, don't let them get away with it!

"TCC Members have won many uphill battles over the years, and we're never going to give up on Term Limits," Thomas said.  "The key to victory is realizing that every politician's first instinct is to get re-elected, then capitalize on that by letting them know you won't even consider supporting their re-election unless they cosponsor and vote for the Cruz-DeSantis legislation."

For years now "We, The People" have made it clear we want Term Limits. And now that we finally have a President who supports Term Limits, it's time to make it happen.  Please keep up the good work, and keep an eye out for your next TCC update on Term Limits.


3 Things You Can Do Now To Help Pass Flat Tax



ONE: Contact your Congressional Representative and two Senators today and tell them to make sure any tax reform legislation they support must include the Federal Flat Tax with an across-the- board rate of 10 percent. You can reach them at (202) 224-3121.

TWO: Call in to a local talk radio show and express your opinion that any real tax reform legislation must include the Flat Tax.

THREE: Share your TCC Member's Message newsletter with a friend, neighbor or relative and ask them to join TCC and support our Flat Tax campaign.


Dear Peter,

 Yes, I want to help The Conservative Caucus permanently smash the foundations of Establishment power. Term limits, the Flat Tax, and enforcing the immigration laws will be a turning point for this nation, just as in the days of Ronald Reagan.

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