Trey Gowdy obviously knows how to do his Job. His Washington DC phone number is 1-202-225-6030 and his South Carolina phone number is 1-864-241-0175 call him tell him you are proud of him as an American

It is very hard to find politicians that are willing to do their job as we pay them to do.  We all know politicians in Washington DC that are not doing their jobs and they still get paid at taxpayers expense and that is a shame in it needs to stop.  It’s extremely rare to find someone such as Trey Gowdy Who will stand up for the Constitution and the American people.. Politicians like Hillary Clinton will look the other way is people die and say nothing about it.


But on the other hand we have tray cool get to the bottom of it no matter who he exposes because that’s his job and that’s what he’s paid to do because the voters put him in office to do what he’s doing now.

we put this website together for the American people to speak their minds and that’s what I’m doing right now and you have the freedom of speech also use it whenever you have the opportunity there are social media websites that will try to squish you and cork your PIE HOLE every chance they get it if they do not like what you have to say we will not do that.


all of the reviews they get posted on this website will not be removed because some politician political candidate does not like them we don’t care. We want the American people to have the freedom of speech to speak their minds and tell the politicians how they feel and listen to the politicians as to what they say and what they do


feel free to post about any politician no political candidate of your choice we are here to make sure that your freedom of speech is respected


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He knows how to kicks ass



Washington, DC Office

1404 Longworth HOB

WashingtonDC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-6030
Fax: (202) 226-1177


Greenville Office

104 South Main St

GreenvilleSC 29601

Phone: (864) 241-0175
Fax: (864) 241-0982


Spartanburg Office

101 West St. John St.

SpartanburgSC 29306

Phone: (864) 583-3264
Fax: (864) 583-3926



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  1. Please read this if you believe in our country and if you don’t move to China or North Korea….SHARE THIS Encourage your friends to post their comments on my posting here which is quite long…………

    now post your comments about what I posted let me hear your passion

    Fortunately for all of us whether we are Democrats or Republicans have the freedom of speech and we have the right to bear arms and protect our families because we know that many politicians in this country will not do that for us they continue to look the other way as people get killed or people get their heads cut off in other countries a guy knows what’s coming into this country because we have politicians that look the other way just like Senator John McCain..

    If we are not willing to come on this website and post more than a couple of sentences about our feelings we are in trouble as a country..

    We need to stand up and speak for what freedom we have right now some of our freedom has been taken away from us and nobody saying anything for the most part. The reason that many liberals do not want to go after the criminals and the reason many Republicans do not want to go out for the criminals, because they want to use the criminals to take our freedom away from us

    He can’t justify taking guns away from the American people using the law abiding citizens examples and their actions. So I use the criminals because that’s what they call the perfect example of justification of taking guns away from the American people after that I’ll guarantee you a lot more of your freedom will be taken away from you

    If you don’t like the constitution and if you don’t like to for you and you currently have in this country then why don’t you take your personal belongings and move to China or move to North Korea or any other time is country you can find….

    Unfortunately there were so many people in this country the do not have the ability to see the freedom that they currently have and they will not be able to miss the freedom they have into only after it’s taken away

    We have to be willing to come together as Americans and nothing more and nothing less and come together as a team and hold politicians accountable that looked the other way we need to expose them that I’m looking the other way as God only knows what is coming to our country from other countries that do not respect our way of life..

    I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again spend more time posting your passion spend more time revealing to the other people what they currently have that could easily be lost with the stroke of a pen..

    There are people in Washington DC that I have to call DC maggots they only eat everything in sight they want to take everything away from you they want to provide you with nothing and they want to provide their selves and their families with everything they desire at taxpayers expense..

    We Americans are the ones that made this country great and if we don’t stand up it will no longer be that way

    I challenge everybody to post a name of a country that you would go to if this country was destroyed……..

    Spent some time speaking up if you can’t spell that well like myself get an iPad and post your passion post what you believe in post what you know about the American freedom that’s currently in this country that you are at risk losing

    It’s only a few days after Thanksgiving and how convenient that everybody forgets what they have to be thankful for

    We are launching a political review site where you can use your freedom of speech without censorship and post your passion about any politician or political candidate of your choice.

    Wake up America before you lose your country

  2. I am so proud of the job you are doing, You are 1 of only a few that I trust anymore, Keep up the good work, You are doing an awesome job.

  3. Thank you Trey , for all you do, keep up the great work, we as American,s are counting on you, it just seems like you are the only one fighting for this country and that is so sad, we thought we put the right people in office, but have been so disappointed with the others, again thank you Sir !

  4. This is Stick the founder of this website I appreciate everything everybody’s posting on the website it means a great deal to me. Please feel free to use the website at any time post whatever you want and remember you can post up to 10 YouTube videos and 10 pictures on each review that you personally post…enjoy the website and we will always try to listen to suggestions and new ideas

  5. Judith Witthoeft, Dr.P.H.

    Thank you for standing up for our country and representing our people so well in South Carolina. May God protect you and your family and blessings be bestowed upon you for all that you do. We appreciate your efforts tremendously.

  6. Washington, DC Office
    1404 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-6030
    Fax: (202) 226-1177

    Greenville Office
    104 South Main St
    Greenville, SC 29601

    Phone: (864) 241-0175
    Fax: (864) 241-0982

    Spartanburg Office
    101 West St. John St.
    Spartanburg, SC 29306

    Phone: (864) 583-3264
    Fax: (864) 583-3926

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