UAW strike in several different states Could very well poker hole in your pocket if you are a member of The UAW

GM Employees Discuss UAW Strike in Flint   Attention all UAW  automotive workers in several different states pay attention your union could leave you under the bus.   I’m sure that the union will not make your mortgage payment if this strike goes on for a long period of time.   Never forget you have competition in the automotive industry.

Consumers  have access to the following  product lines.  Nissan ,  Toyota ,  Mazda,  Honda,  Mitsubishi,  and so many other imports like Lexus, Acura,  infinitI  and so many more.   Never forget the UAW WILL NOT make  your house payment if this strike goes on for a long period of time.   The United auto workers union in my belief is somewhat like the mob of the 70s.   They will be able to  from the united auto workers union  members,   Do you have to ask yourself how long are you willing to allow the strike to go on ???

Can you also have to decide who’s going to make your mortgage payment if you’re out of work for a long period of time.

Remember the following.    Think twice before you act once.   I could poke a hole in your financial pocket.    Ask yourself this question is the UAW  going to put money in your bank account so you can make your mortgage payment   During the strike  ????


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