UPDATE; TRUMP Assassination Plot, Court Case Reveals Largest Fraud Against The People Ever!

UPDATE ON ; TRUMP Assassination Plot re-1-22-18 Filed Court Documents. Trial itself, even though held in Tennessee, unmasks the largest fraud against the people as one Defendant confronts & exposes, the monumental scale, as to the unlawful Establishment of operating procedures with our Entire Judicial, Law Enforcement, Financial systems & Federal Reserve through the "Parce Syntax Grammar". 

This Court Case connects to unreleased FISA Memo. Top Tier string pullers & the Puppets busy protecting their back door, never expected to be breached through the front door of a Tennessee Court Room.

As we all await the release of the FISA Memo & names in it, keep in mind the bigger picture. The whole scheme all along is to protect a global secrete society of Judicial, Law Enforcement, All Financial Systems & Federal Reserves.

They are now imploding and will remain fighting at any cost. 

Parce Syntax Grammar exposes the monumental corruption & fraud, unlawfully used against us on a global scale. 


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