US, Russia Tract on Syria, Nearing End of Life! Opposition Fighters Merge With Al-Nusra Front.

Breaking News Events / published 9-26-2016 Todays between the lines report.

24 Hrs 9-26-2016;

U.S. ; Link to Presidential & Vice Presidential Debates, Times, Dates, Live Video Feeds.

Syria; Military headquarters in the city urges civilians to avoid areas where 'terrorists' are located…….

Britain; British UN ambassador says US, Russia track on Syria 'nearing the end of its life.'

France; French Foreign Minister Ayrault calls on Russia, Iran to cease 'dead-end strategy' in Syrian conflict ahead of UN Security Council.

Britain; British UN ambassador says US, Russia track on Syria 'nearing the end of its life.

France; France at UN says war crimes are being committed in Syria's Aleppo.

Russia; Moscow slams US, UK for 'unacceptable' UN statements on Syria.

U.N. ; UN Syria mediator tells Security Council he is convinced situation in Syria can be turned around, says he will not quit.

Russia; Russian UN ambassador tells Security Council that bringing peace in Syria 'is almost an impossible task now.'

Russia; Russian government says it sees no prospects of holding summit on Syria at this stage.

Donald Trump tells Netanyahu he'll recognize Jerusalem as Israel's 'undivided' capital.

24 Hrs +9-24/25-2016;

Syria; Syrian foreign minister tell UN, the US-led coalition strike on soldiers was 'not an error.' A U.S. Led bombing attack on a known "Syrian Army occupied military installation," that lasted over an hour, is clearly not a mistake, nor an accident. Neither the U.S. or the U.N. notified the Syrian Military or Government of prior plans for an Air attack of any kind in that area. The U.S. is guilty of committing an act of war against Syria, therefore also making it a war crime. If the U.S. notified the U.N. prior to this attack, then the U.N. is also accountable for the same charges for not notifying Syrian Military or Government.

Syria; Warplanes have mounted a new wave of air strikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo.

Syria; Syrian government forces seize Handarat camp north of Aleppo from rebels.

Russia; Statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Ceasefire in Syria should be revived by all sides involved.

Russia; Russian foreign minister says has seen opposition fighters in Syria merge with Al-Nusra front in recent days, says both parties should be separated.

Russia; Russian Foreign Minister calls for investigation into aid convoy attack in Syria.

Syria; Syrian opposition says 'no longer any use' for strategy of partial truces as US and Russia try to revive ceasefire deal.

U.N. ; UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appalled by 'chilling' military escalation in Syria's Aleppo.

E.U. ; Statement by E.U, Attacks on civilians in Aleppo, Syria, 'is an unacceptable breach of international humanitarian law.'

Britain, France, Diplomats Report, U.S. seek urgent Security Council meeting due to escalating campaign in Syria's Aleppo.

U.S. Statement; European allies say up to Russia to save Syria truce.

British; British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Russia should be investigated for war crimes in Syria.

Syria; Statement by, Free Syrian Army brigades, say political process rendered null as long as Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies continue 'scorched earth bombing' in Aleppo.

24 Hrs + 9-23-2016; 

Israel; Israeli PM Netanyahu will be meeting separately with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sunday.

U.S. ; Hillary & Dems Desperate? Report: US intelligence officials probe ties between Donald Trump adviser and Kremlin, sources tell Yahoo News. ( Gee, I wonder who would fabricate such an accusation? & what are the odds this close to the debate, and the election? )

U.S. ; Secretary of State Kerry says 'little bit of progress' made in Syria talks with Russian counterpart Friday.

Russia; Russian deputy foreign minister says no agreements, decisions on Syria expected in New York talks Friday; says US position is at issue.

Russia; Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tells UN, US-Russia agreements on Syria must be salvaged.

Syria; Warplanes pound rebel-held areas of Aleppo, Syria, hours after Syrian army announces start of military operation, gives Aleppo area 3 hr advance warning. Air and artillery attacks in Aleppo, Syria, could 'go on for some time', Syrian military source says.

Syria; Since warning, Civil defense chief in rebel-held eastern Aleppo city, Syria, says air strikes have killed more than 70 people since Friday morning.


Mostly the U.S, a few other governments, and the media portray Putin, and Assad as murderers, deliberately killing the Syrian people. The U.S. goes out of their way to convince everyone by making them out to be worse than Hitler. But the real truth will not be told by this U.S. Administration.

Even before the military alignment between Putin, and Assad, the Syrian people have always been pre warned of areas that people would be endangered by air attacks. The Syrian government has always advised of temporary safe areas for people to relocate to. Even the enemy's of Syria warn the people in areas they occupy, to either stay and fight with them or leave. Either way the people in those areas know there is at the very least, a 100% chance there will be destruction, and loss of lives before hand.

Most choose to stay, but not to fight, they stay because it's their home, their town, their  city, their country.

First, this U.S. Administration Created ISIS. The problems with ISIS, everywhere is because this Administration Trained them, Funded them, Armed them, including groups associated to ISIS regardless of their names. This Administration also creates false flags to further the ISIS agenda, and success.

So, who are the real monsters?

A recent report; The Syrian military, which is backed by the Russian air force, said late on Thursday 9-22-2016 that it was starting a new operation against the rebel-held east, which is home to at least 250,000 people and has been battered by intense bombing for months.

In a statement on its official website, the Syrian defence ministry called on Aleppo residents once again to move to government-held areas, adding that there would be "no detention, or inquiry to any citizen" who reached the checkpoints that divide the city.

A high-ranking military source confirmed that the bombardment was preparation for a ground assault.

"This could go on for hours or days before the ground operation starts. The timing of the ground operation will depend on the results of the strikes and the situation on the ground."

A Report 3 hrs later; We have begun reconnaissance, aerial and artillery bombardment," 

Editor; Extensive research was done to add certainty to the facts of advance notices to Syrian citizens of military operations prior to a planed event, some days in advance. However, we cannot attest to every event that has happened in Syria.


24 Hrs + 9-22-2016;

Keep in mind regarding the 9-9-2016 cease fire, Each Side reserves the right to withdraw from this arrangement if they believe the terms have not been fulfilled. Wile Russia " did keep their end of the arrangement, the arrangement dissolved because the U.S. Failed miserably at keeping to their end of the arrangement. Proof of that lies in the articles listed below starting from 9-9-2016. This U.S. Administrations main objective is to over-through Syria at any cost, period. No matter what the cost. 

AP; Link to Full released text of the Cease Fire Agreement:

Syria; Syrian president says US airstrikes on Syrian troops were 'intentional,' lasted for approx 1 hour. More: Syria's President Assad on U.S. Led strike on Syrian troops: 'You don't commit a mistake for more than one hour.' Video:

Syria; Syrian president rejects continued U.S. accusation that Syrian or Russian airstrike struck Aleppo aid convoy. More: On 9-21-2016 U.N. Statement; U.N. withdrawals its claims that the convoy was hit by military planes.

U.S. ; Administration continues to provoke Russia, Statement: White House Press Secretary calls the Syrian aid convoy bombing an 'outrage;' adds 'and the Russians are culpable.'

Turkey; Statement from Turkish Presidential Spokesperson, Turkey will not join any operation to clear Raqqa of Islamic State if PYD, YPG fighters included.

Syria; Warplanes have bombed opposition-held districts of Aleppo, Syria, overnight in most intense bombardment in months.

Update, 24 Hrs + 9-21-2016;

U.N. Statement; U.N. withdrawals its claims that the convoy was hit by military planes.

U.S. ; Secretary of State Kerry calls for all aircraft in northern Syria to be grounded so humanitarian aid can get through. 

Russia & Syria; No comment!

U.S. ; Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at an emergency UN meeting on Syria, says, 'Those who believe that the crisis in Syria cannot become even worse are dead wrong.'

Saudi Arabia; Encourages U.S. & France to use plan B, ASAP. Plan B is, Eliminate Assad. Saudi Arabia pushing this early on. Video proof,

Iran; Iranian President Rouhani, in interview, dismisses US demand that Syria and Russia ground all aircraft in northern Syria. 

Russia; Russia says it is sending its flagship aircraft carrier to Syrian coast. More: Russian defense minister says Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier will join Eastern Mediterranean combat group 'soon' !

U.N. Statement; Preparations for UN aid convoys in Syria has resumed and 'we are ready to deliver aid to besieged and hard-to-reach areas as soon as possible.

U.S. ; Regarding reports of explosion-like noise in Queens: FDNY and NYPD have found no evidence anything actually exploded in the area.

24 Hrs + 9-21-2016;

Russia & Syria; Cease Fire Talks are done, also we will shoot down any aircraft that pose a threat to any of our military without warning or hesitation, regardless of who you are. Will be treated as an act of war.

Turkey; Erdogan says Free Syrian Army does not want interference from US special forces.

Venezuela; Venezuela says a US military plane violated airspace last week during summit.

24 Hrs + 9-20-2016;  

First, an Editors Note; As the U.S. Government continues instigating Red Flags, the so called agreement with U.S. & Russia is nothing more than a ploy to plant more Red Flags, and so far is being very successful at keeping Syria destabilized.

What is being released by the U.S. Spokespeople / Whitehouse / Mainstream Media, regarding the so called U.S. Russia agreement is pure unadulterated bull crap. The agreement has never been completely spelled out or even put on paper. 

All have been sideline discussions, and phone conversations. The meeting in Geneva was to work out details with all involved, on only the cease fire arrangements, and who would play what roll.

The only thing that the U.S. & Russia have agreed on regarding the so called agreement, has been verbal. They both verbally agreed that a full agreement couldn't be reached until the terms of a cease fire involving all players involved could happen. Russia did sign with the U.N. cease fire terms that they would work to apply pressure on Assad to comply with the complex terms of just the cease fire put forth with the U.N. ( Nothing to do with the U.S. & Russia so called agreement. ) 

The U.S. was to stop their funded so called Milled Rebel Groups / get them under control during the U.N. cease fire. The U.S. was completely unsuccessful at doing so! The U.S. not only broke the U.N. cease fire arrangement when they lead the U.S. led Coalition Air Strike on the Syrian Military Base, killing approx 80, wounding approx 100 Syrian Military Personnel. They deliberately interjected itself into the War ahead of the so called U.S. & Russia agreement, now sparking total unrest.

The U.S. / France, and British Governments now shift the blame on Assad by trying to justify its actions. The U.S. / France, and British Governments now publicly point the blame of the recent Aleppo Humanitarian Aid Bombing / Attack on Russia, and Assad / Syria, stating the U.S. played no part in it, and Russia, and Syria only have aircraft capable of carrying out such a mission. U.S. is also stating, only Russia, and Syrian Government had knowledge of route, and location of Aleppo Humanitarian Aid Distribution Warehouse location. 

The U.S. also falsely stating that Russia, and Syria was the blame for the almost two week delay getting the Humanitarian Aid to Aleppo. The truth is that the U.S. Failed to deliver on its end, to secure safety in Aleppo by controlling their funded Rebels. 

The U.S. applied pressure on the U.N. also laid claims to the U.N. that the area in Aleppo to receive the Humanitarian Aid was stable. ( This statement alone proves the U.S. also knew the location of where it was going! ) The Russian, and Syrian Government told the U.N. & Syrian Civil Defense that they could not support the claim made by the U.S.

At the request / demand of the U.N. through applied U.S. pressure, and influence within the U.N. the Syrian Government issued the necessary paperwork to allow the Humanitarian Aid to proceed to its destination on Monday. Hours later, the convoy, and warehouse were attracted.

Both Russia, and Syria did keep to the complex cease fire! But the U.S. continues to make false implications, and accusations to the contrary! They publicly blame, and point the finger at Russia & Assad / Syria for the failed agreement, and broken cease fire arrangement.

The ultimate end game for the U.S. is, and has been to control Syria, at any, and all cost.

Here is a video that supports the truth of the statement. Hard proof also in e-mails.

REMEMBER; In the February 2016 ceasefire in Syria, which was broken by U.S. supported Jihadis, Russia tried to press the U.S. into fulfilling the UN Security Council resolution 2254. The resolution signs off on the ceasefire but demanded that all nations continue to fight the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

But the U.S. continued to support al-Qaeda and its various front group in Syria like Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa. "Moderate rebels" were armed by the U.S. Government with modern weapons, and trained in camps in Turkey and Jordan. They were sent to Syria to integrated with al-Qaeda and made it impossible to fight one group without hitting the other. The U.S. used this ploy to protect al-Qaeda from Russian and Syrian attacks. Such attacks, it claimed, would break the ceasefire as they would also hit its "moderate rebels".

To gain some negotiating advantage Russia and its Syrian allies closed all access to east-Aleppo which is held by Jihadis. But the U.S. sponsored rebels and al-Qaeda responded with attacks in south Aleppo which then broke the ceasefire, and further escalated the situation through Syria.

So, how much more proof do the citizens of the United States need before they publicly demand the immediate shut down of this failed administration? 

The World views the citizens of the U.S. as supporters of this administrations actions for failing to stop it! The U.S. Citizens just point their finger at the administration, blaming them for not stopping the administration! The majority just waits on an election that is proven daily, right in front of their faces, that seemingly won't happen! The majority still thinks that this administration is going to just roll over, and give up what they have worked so hard to control.

24 Hrs 9-20-2019 continued;

U.S. ; US reaches preliminary conclusion that Russian warplanes bombed aid convoy in Syria.

Russia; Russian Foreign Ministry: 'Outraged' by attempts to blame Syria convoy attack on Russian and Syrian forces; conducting check to clarify details of what happened.

U.S. ; US Central Command spokesman says Syria ceasefire is 'certainly in jeopardy.

U.S. ; US Central Command spokesman says air strike on aid convoy was not carried out by US and only other aircraft in Syria belong to Russia and Syria.

U.S. ; US imposes sanctions on a Syrian-based radical group Jund al-Aqsa, once been part of the group formerly known as the Nusra Front. ( In other words, the U.S. is saying it will cut off supplying the enemy with arms & ammunition for not going along with plan to help the U.S. overthrow Syria! )

U.S. ; confirmed, a military plane / jet has crashed in Sutter County, Calif, it is unconfirmed that it's a  U-2 spy plane. Pilots ejected.

U.S. Planting rows of red flags. Aleppo Humanitarian Aid  Attack Videos. You Make the Call.

You may want to use head or ear phones for best audio.

First Video, at the very beginning you Clearly hear Jet before bombs explode on two occasions, second one approx 3/4 way through the video, not helicopter, as the civil defense person reportedly states in second, and third video. 

Keep this question in mind; this video is being shot in the dark, and starts just before the first strike hits, as if someone knew it was going to happen? Also from the ground, total darkness, how can you see if the aircraft are Russian, Syrian, U.S. Turkish, or Iraq? The U.S. & U.N. are stating to the Civil Defense, and the World that it was the Russians, and possibility of both Russia & Syria. So why wouldn't the Civil Defense people make statements to that fact? After all, if the U.S. & U.N. say it, it must be true??????


Second Video, Civil Defense person makes claims the bombing was done by Regime Helicopters.


In the third video he claims they were Russian / Syrian helicopters, and are still flying overhead, but no helicopters can be heard in the sound track of the video.


Fourth Video, Night Bombing Aftermath, Recovering Victims.


Fifth Video, Day light video of Bombing Aftermath. Also you can clearly hear both jets & helicopters to make sound distinction referencing first video & claims of helicopters in second & third video.


Update 24 Hrs + 9-19-2016;

Bombing of warehouse where humanitarian aid was being delivered.

24 Hrs 9-19-2016;

Syria; Syrian military says 'armed terrorist groups' repeatedly violated ceasefire, took advantage to mobilize and arm themselves.

Unconfirmed, Syria; 35 airstrikes linked to Syrian government side carried out since Assad regime declared end to ceasefire earlier Monday, today.

Syria; Shelling, raids taking place after Syria military called end to truce in Aleppo.

Syria; Deaths, injuries from airstrikes on Aleppo city after ceasefire canceled by Syria government; unclear whether Syrian or Russian jets firing.

U.S. ; US State Department says ceasefire deal is with Russia, not Assad regime, and US is prepared to extend it; says 1st humanitarian deliveries only arrived today.

U.N. ; Red Cross checking on monitoring group report that international aid convoy was hit by airstrike near Aleppo city.

U.N. ; At least 18 of 31 aid trucks hit near Aleppo, Syria; unable to verify casualties.

Editors Note; There are varying reports on the number of people killed after an aid convoy was hit near Aleppo, Syria. The Associated Press reports 12 aid workers and drivers were killed, while Reuters says at least 32 people are dead. Both news organizations are citing the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The U.N. said they cannot verify the number of casualties. The attack comes after Syria's military declared the U.S. and Russian-brokered ceasefire over. 

U.S. ; Moderator Lester Holt selects 'America's direction, achieving prosperity, securing America' as question topics for 1st US presidential debate.

U.S. ; US government has mistakenly granted citizenship to more than 800 immigrants that were awaiting deportation, according to Homeland Security.


Update 24 Hrs + 9-18-2016;

Turkey; Turkish air strike hits Islamic State targets in northern Syria, per Turkish military.

24 Hrs + 9-18-2016;

Islamic State; Islamic State-linked media claims Minnesota mall stabber was 'soldier of the Islamic State' – More: Islamic State's Amaq news agency says group supporter carried out Minnesota stabbings 'in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition.' In the terrorists’ narrative, Obama is the “Crusader in chief.” The Islamist attacker from Minnesota mall stabbing attack, been named as Dahir Adan originally from Somalia.

Pakistan; Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif warns of Nuclear Reprisal against India.

India; India blames Pakistan for Kashmir attack that kills 17 soldiers.

U.S. Led Air Attack on Syrian Military Base included coalition Aircraft, Australia, France, Iraq, not clear yet if Turkey was involved. Death toll rises to at least 80 Syrian Military Personal.

Syria; Tension rising in Syria's city of Aleppo, militants prepare for large-scale military actions. 

Syria; Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says war planes strike Aleppo city for first time since ceasefire began on Monday.

Russia; Russian defense ministry says US did not deliver on promise to disengage terrorists from Syrian opposition.

Russia; Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churki says US airstrike that apparently struck Syrian government troops put 'question mark' over future of cease-fire agreement, and U.S. Russian agreement.

Russia; Russian Foreign Ministry says airstrike incident threatens entire Russian-American ceasefire agreement reached in Geneva.

Russia; Russia registered 50 violations of Syria ceasefire agreement in last 24 hours.

Australia; Australian jets were involved in US-led air strike killing dozens of soldiers in Syria – ABC News (Australia)

Israel; Israelis reportedly fire on Syrian Army as fight for Golan Heights continues.

Norwegian; 3 Indonesians held hostage by Islamic extremists in Philippines enjoy first day of freedom.

Iran; Iran must stand strong against US on regional conflicts: Khamenei.


Urgent, Updates 24 Hrs +9-17-2017; U.S. Airstrike on Syrian Airbase, update!

3rd Update;

Confirmed; Syria treating U.S. Air Strike on their military base as an act of war against Syria.

Statements made by United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers, confirms in the eyes of the Syrian Government that the Air Strike was deliberate, and an act of of war on Syria.

[ During the emergency UN Security Council meeting on Saturday called by Russia only hours after a US-led airstrike degraded Syrian Army positions leading to the death of some 80 soldiers and "paving the way" for a major Daesh offensive, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations refused to offer remorse but instead laid the blame for the crisis in Syria directly at the feet of the Russian Aerospace Forces who she says is "bombing civilians" and the Assad regime who she claims gave rise to Daesh.

"Why are we having this meeting tonight? It is a diversion from what is happening on the ground. If you don't like what is happening on the ground then you distract. It is a magician's trick… we encourage the Russian Federation to have emergency meetings with the Assad regime and deliver them to this deal," said an aggressive Samantha Power. "What Russia is alleging tonight is that somehow the United States is undermining the fighting against ISIL. 

The Russian spokesperson even said that the United States might be complicit in this attack… This is not a game," said the diplomat before going into details on the United States fight against the terror group. "The Syrian regime that bills itself as the fighter against ISIL let the group grow and grow. ISIL took root and prospered right next to the Assad regime," said Power. "The best way to fight ISIL and al-Nusra Front is to stop bombing civilians and deliver the Assad regime. Assad's tactics have been a gift to terrorists. There is a better way forward, but Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and grandstanding and focus on what matters. 

The implementation of something that we have negotiated in good faith with them." "We regret the loss of life, but since 2011 Assad's regime have been striking Syrian civilians relentlessly," exclaimed the American diplomat in an attempt apparently to justify the violation of the ceasefire or to downplay the urgency of the meeting at hand. Some who watched the statements by Samantha Power described it as the US Ambassador to the United Nations blaming Assad for US warplanes bombing his forces. 

The verbal assault offered by Samantha Power looks to do little to quell growing tensions between the United States and Russia, the latter of which wonders if the ceasefire deal was negotiated in good faith after Syrian forces were decimated by American airstrikes on Saturday. 

Russia also argues that the so-called "moderate" rebels, with whom the United States has aligned themselves with, have intensified rather than drawn back attacks since the ceasefire began on September 12. The Obama administration finds itself in a tricky predicament regarding the rebels who have outwardly aligned themselves with the al-Nusra Front terror group, formerly Syria's al-Qaida affiliate, under the umbrella group "The Army of Conquest." ]

2nd Update;

Confirmed; Syria treating U.S. Air Strike on their military base as an act of war.

Syria calls on UNSC to condemn the American aggression and compel US not to repeat it also respect the sovereignty of Syria. No more tolerance for U.S.

Currently Unconfirmed; Syria issues U.S. no fly zone in Syria, will treat as enemy?

Statement by Russian Foreign Ministry: White House "defending ISIS fighters.

1st Update, Syria; U.S. No longer safe in Syria.

Syrian Military is calling the strike a “serious and blatant attack on Syria and its military,” and “firm proof of the U.S. support of Daesh and other terrorist groups,” using the Arabic acronym for IS. President Bashar Assad’s government views all those fighting against it as “terrorists,” and has long accused the U.S. and other rebel supporters of backing extremists.

The Syrian military said the airstrikes enabled an IS advance on a hill overlooking the air base.

Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said the airstrike near Deir el-Zour airport was conducted by two F-16s and two A-10s.

Konashenkov said Syrian authorities reporting 62 dead, and another 100 wounded. The planes came from the direction of the border with Iraq, he added.

He said IS militants surrounding the air base launched an attack on the Syrian army positions after the air strike. He added that the attack was a “stubborn reluctance by the American side to coordinate its action against terrorist groups in Syria with Russia.”

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the U.S. commitment to the fragile cease-fire, suggesting that Washington wasn’t prepared to break with “terrorist elements” battling Assad’s forces.

Russia has accused Washington of failing to rein in the rebels, and today Putin asked why the United States has insisted on not releasing a written copy of the agreement. Officials have provided vague details of the agreement in press conferences, but have not released an official document, fueling suspicions on both sides.

“This comes from the problems the U.S. is facing on the Syrian track — they still cannot separate the so-called healthy part of the opposition from the half-criminal and terrorist elements."

24 Hrs + 9-17-2017;

U.S. ; US Central Command says coalition airstrike south of Dayr Az Zawr, Syria, was halted after Russian officials said site might have Syrian military personnel.

Confirmations coming in of the U.S. mistake of bombing Syrian Army Troops. Current count of souls lost so far 62. All details not in yet.

Syria; Syrian Army's General Command: US-led coalition jets bombed a Syrian Army position near Deir ez-Zor Airport.

Russia; US struck Syria military convoy, mistaking it for ISIS. Russia says 60+Syrian military personnel killed. 

AP; Russian military says 62 Syrian soldiers reportedly killed in US-led airstrike on military base.

Russia;  Russian defense ministry says US not ready to take measures to force rebels under its control to implement ceasefire in Syria.

Diplomatic Source; UN inquiry identifies Syrian military units held responsible for chlorine bomb attacks – Reuters.

Turkey; Turkish military says US special forces have given support in operation carried out between Syrian towns of Azaz.


24 Hrs + 9-16-2016;

U.S. ; Sen John Kerry now speaks of Global Constituency. 

24 Hrs + 9-15-2016;

Russia; Russia has accused the US of failing to uphold its end of the Syria ceasefire agreement. Russian defense ministry says the U.S. is not fulfilling its obligations under the Syria ceasefire agreement.

U.S. ; U.S. shift military assets to Syria in Russia deal.

Syria; 3 US air strikes in past 6 days against ISIS in Syria "may have resulted in civilian casualties." Now confirmed.

U.S. ;  Super PAC run by Clinton-backer offers cash bounties for ‘leaks’ embarrassing Trump.

France calls on U.S. to share details of Syria deal.

Russia; Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov will pay a visit to Turkey to discuss military cooperation and Syria.

Israel; Israeli fighter jets target 3 Hamas posts in northern Gaza.

Syria; Rebels are preparing for 3rd phase of #EuphratesShield which is al-Bab, preemptive Turkish airstrikes/artillery on the area, Aleppo

Report; B1, B52, Bombing campaigns Syria, Iraq, Iran, & Afghanistan. 

24 Hrs + 9-14-2016; Update; Confirmed, U.S. B1 Bombers now conducting bombing raids on Syria, and Iraq. 

Iraq; U.S. B-52, successful airstrike on a "chemical weapons factory" near Mosul.

Report; U.S. considering sending more special forces to help retake Mosul.

Spotlight: Egypt says U.S. accountable for rampant global terrorism.

Turkey; US ambassador is ‘not a governor of Turkey,’ says Turkish FM.

Israel; In reax to projectiles that hit Israel earlier today IAF aircraft targeted Syrian govt artillery positions in central Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel; Reports in Syria that Israel bombed the base of Division 121 of the Assad army near Kanaker, west of Damascus.

Israel; Israeli jets Hit SAA point inside "Castle Jandal" near "Jabal alshshaykh " mountain.

Israel; Hezbollah also released a photo of the radar system for the S-200, "located somewhere in south Syria."

Israel;  Hezbollah-linked media showed photo of S-200 missiles "hours before launch" on Israel jets.

Syria; 2 convoys of aid waiting in no-man's land for permission to travel onwards towards Aleppo. Unconfirmed Accusations being made that Assad blocking aid.

U.S. ; From today's State Department Briefing, QUESTION: Do you know if Jabhat al-Nusrah ever committed any terrorism against the United States? The Syrian Jabhat al-Nusrah, the branch of al-Qaida.

MR TONER: Sure. So Nusrah Front is obviously part of the al-Qaida umbrella terrorist organization. And while it has committed, obviously, to ousting Assad, it also is committed to expanding its reach globally and regionally, and that is consistent with al-Qaida’s longstanding approach. So we’ve also seen that Nusrah Front leaders maintain the intent to conduct eventual attacks in and against the West, and there is increasing concern about their ability to conduct these kinds of external operations. And we would also note that they’ve had – in the past, they’ve held – kidnapped and held at least one American hostage. But, so in answer to your question is we believe their intent is to carry out eventually – if they’re able to establish the ability to do so, to carry out attacks against the West.

Editors Note; Remember, Obama & Clinton funded, also armed with modern weapons, members of these groups, and continue to work with groups within al-Qaida. Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan know this. Their frustration, and distrust of this U.S. administration has grown to dangerous proportions that put our military in jeopardy. 

QUESTION: Russians have today, once again, complained that the opposition is not respecting the cessation of hostilities and that you guys, meaning the Americans, and your partners are not doing enough to, one, stop them from firing; and two, to not doing enough to get the guys that you support to get away from Nusrah – well, what was Nusrah. So, I’m just curious how you respond to that.

MR TONER: In response to your question on who’s responsible and some of the comments we’ve seen out of Russia, I – we are not going to be in the habit of saying, this many, this many. We’ve seen violations by both sides. I’m not going to give a – attach a number to each side, but we’ve seen violations by both sides. And look, we’ve always been clear, just as we have said that Russia’s responsibility is to exert influence or put pressure – however you want to put it – on the regime to abide by the cessation of hostilities, it is incumbent on us to persuade, convince the moderate opposition to also abide by the cessation of hostilities, and ultimately, that’s a decision they’re going to have to make.

So we’re going to – we’re continuing to monitor this very closely. We’re continuing our outreach to the Syrian moderate opposition – that’s been ongoing – and trying to explain the arrangement to them, answer their questions. And again, we’ve seen, as I said, sporadic reports of violence, but in large part we think it’s holding.

24 Hrs + 9-13-2016;

U.S. ; U.S. Bombers Present in North Korean Air Space. U.S. Bombers flying pass overs North Korea.

U.S. ; President Obama to veto bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.

U.S. ; Sec Kerry to meet Obama and VP Biden at 11am in Oval Office.

U.S. ; President Obama says he's going to work “as hard as I can” to help elect Hillary Clinton. But during his campaign he said she was un fit to be president???????!?

Syria; Assad-forces shelling Kawkab from Maan.

Russia; Putin orders consideration of restricting travel abroad for bankers who have debts.

U.S. ; KKR and Goldman seize control of British oil group Expro.

24 Hrs + 9-12-2016;

First a Note from the Editor; There's good reason why the recent so called U.S. Russia agreement has taken so long, and why this one is considered Swiss Cheese to all involved.

Since the February 2016 ceasefire in Syria, which was broken by U.S. supported Jihadis, Russia tried to press the U.S. into fulfilling the UN Security Council resolution 2254. The resolution signs off on the ceasefire but demanded that all nations continue to fight the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

But the U.S. continued to support al-Qaeda and its various front group in Syria like Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa. "Moderate rebels" were armed by the U.S. Government with modern weapons, and trained in camps in Turkey and Jordan. They were sent to Syria to integrated with al-Qaeda and made it impossible to fight one group without hitting the other. The U.S. used this ploy to protect al-Qaeda from Russian and Syrian attacks. Such attacks, it claimed, would break the ceasefire as they would also hit its "moderate rebels".

To gain some negotiating advantage Russia and its Syrian allies closed all access to east-Aleppo which is held by Jihadis. But the U.S. sponsored rebels and al-Qaeda responded with attacks in south Aleppo which then broke the ceasefire, and further escalated the situation through Syria.

So, how much more proof do the citizens of the United States need before they publicly demand the immediate shut down of this failed administration? 

The World views the citizens of the U.S. as supporters of this administrations actions for failing to stop it!

Update: 24 Hrs Recent 9-12-2016;

U.S. ; 2 hours after Sec Kerry said, in future, US might approve Syria's air strikes against Nusra, ( ISIS ) 


Russia; Russia Defense Minister hits back at Ash Carter. "Lets not confuse the international order with the American order."


U.S. ; Shortly after Russian Defense Ministers statement, U.S. State Dept clarifies / recants Sec Kerry's above statement.


Syria; Night airstrikes were conducted on northern Hama's Kawkab village disregarding cease fire.


Syria; Syrian military media claims rebels violate ceasefire in northern Aleppo outskirts and attack Syrian army positions.


Syria; FSA and Jund al-Aqsa still shelling Ma'an in north Hama.


Islamic State; In time for Eid, the Islamic State released one of its most graphic videos showing slaughterhouse-style execution of rebels in Deir Ezzor.


Syria; SA Groups and Ahrar al-Sham finally released their official Declarations regarding the US-Russia deal. Considers U.S / Russian agreement trap for Rebels & Assad. 


Iraq; French Forces join US troops in Makhmur Base Mosul Iraq.


France; France Uncovering New Terror Plots 'Every Day.'


24 Hrs + 9-12-2016;

U.S. ; Florida authorities investigating fire at mosque attended by gunman in deadly Orlando nightclub shooting.


Syria; Continued Air strikes kill more Syria civilians ahead of proposed truce at sundown today.


Syria; Several Syrian rebel shells reported hitting the Syrian Government controlled western neighbourhoods of Aleppo City.


Syria; Madaya is under Hezbollah artillery attack.


Syria; Airstrikes on northern Homs. 


Syria; Homs: Assad-forces bomb graveyard in Rastan.


Syria; Syrian Arab Army withdrew from Kawkab after a strong Syrian rebel attack.


Syria; Idlib city hit by Cluster Bomb attacks.


Britain; The highly controversial Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has told Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov he is ready to help make the Syria agreement work.


Syria; Hours before truce, Assad vows to retake all of Syria during his visit to Daraya.


24 Hrs + 9-10-2016

It seems that the U.S. and Russia have reached a tentative agreement on Syria. They are calling for a countrywide cease-fire in Syria. It's suppose to start on Monday Sept 12th at sundown. It's an unlikely new military partnership targeting the Islamic State and al-Qaida as well as new limits on President Bashar Assad's forces, to follow week later.


The Sept 12th date also coincides with the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday.  But another interesting factor is, AlQaeda leader Zawahiri spoke in a video for the 15th anniversary of September11 and urged Muslims to fight.


The arrangement, can only go into effect after both sides abide by the truce for a week and allow unimpeded humanitarian deliveries, mainly into Aleppo. Then, the U.S. and Russia would begin sharing intelligence and coordination of areas to be targeted. Assad's air and ground forces would no longer be permitted to target Nusra ( ISIS ). They would be restricted to operations against the Islamic State. The arrangement also states, they will only be able to go after Nusra, ( ISIS ) listed by the United Nations as terrorist groups.

As this agreement rolls out, keep in mind that both sides have failed to deliver their ends of the bargain during several previous truces.

The arrangement also hinges on Moscow pressuring Assad's government to stop all offensive operations against Syria's armed opposition in specific areas, that haven't even been outlined yet. Also Washington must persuade "moderate" rebels to break ranks with the Nusra Front, al-Qaida's Syria affiliate, and other extremist groups.


The entire plan is a fairy tale, and lacks any enforcement. Russia could, still act against rebel groups that break the deal, and if Assad continues to bomb his opponents, it's highly unlikely the U.S. will take any action against Assad, because of Obama's opposition to engage. They also expect Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and the Kurds to play along.


Russia, very much distrusts this administration, mainly due to America's financial and military assistance to groups that have intermingled with the Nusra Front ( ISIS ) on the battlefield. Also this administration, including Clinton, created & funded ISIS. So why would any country rush to make any deal with this administration, let alone an agreement, and expect any trust.

The proposed level of U.S.-Russian interaction has upset several leading national security officials in Washington, including Defense Secretary Ash Carter and National Intelligence Director James Clapper. Kerry only appeared at the news conference. But Kerry, and Obama speak as though they both claim victory for this so called agreement. In fact, he, and Obama are responsible for dragging out the process, that now puts everyone at risk. Especially the situation in Aleppo. If they consider this piece of Swiss cheese as an agreement, and claim it as their victory, well I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion to this.

24 Hrs + 9-9-2016;

Middle East; AlQaeda leader Zawahiri spoke in a video for the 15th anniversary of September11 and urged Muslims to fight.

Russia; RuMOD: Strategic Forces (RVSN) launched "Topol" ICBM from Plesets.

Syria; Syrian Army warns Rebels in Aleppo they have 48 hrs to leave.

Russia; Al-Nusra Front Still Being Reinforced Through Turkish Border – Russian Diplomat.

Turkey; Saudi FM continues his global tour and now in Turkey where he has renewed KSA support for Turkey's intervention in Syria against IS.

U.S. ; FBI arrests Kentucky woman for allegedly advocating for ISIS attacks in the U.S. and spreading ISIS propaganda.

Syria; FSA forces begin military operations aimed at controlling a number of government points in south rural Aleppo.

Syria; FSA Army of Victory announce offensive against govt held Military Barracks in South #Aleppo.

Syria Unconfirmed; ISIS spreads several checkpoints in Raqqa city and checks the civilians IDs.

24 Hrs + 9-8-2016;

U.S. Pre trial hearing for alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohmmad will take place Oct. 3 – 14.

Iraq; Iraqi Shi'ite militia Harakat al-Nujaba sends more than 1,000 extra fighters to Syria's Aleppo over past 2 days. 

U.S. ; U.S. State Department says it can't confirm Russia's announcement that Lavrov, and Kerry will meet on Syria.

Russia; U.S. says there may come a time when it's decided, it's not worthwhile to pursue a Syria agreement with Russia, but that time has not come yet.

Unconfirmed; U.S. and Russia may have agreed on 13 of 15 elements of Syria deal, still two sticking points! NO CONFIRMATION AT ALL ON THIS! Although CNN International have reported that 13 elements were agreed upon by U.S. & Russia. Russia Denies. 

Russia; Putin, and Erdogan ( Turkey ) agreed to coordinate efforts to achieve resolution in Syria: Kremlin.

Syria; Syrian Military Command announces massive offensive in Eastern Ghouta.

U.S. ; Coalition thinks battle for Mosul ( located in northern Iraq, occupied by the Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant: ISIL ) to begin within the next month. But Raqqa ( northern Syrian city of  Ar-Raqqah ) will have to wait.

U.S. ; Wells Fargo fined $185 million for widespread and pervasive illegal banking practices.

U.S. ; Pentagon, Turkish defense ministers discussed local forces to play central role in any Raqqa operation at the UK Syria summit: not U.S.

U.S. ; Obama is hitting back at Donald Trump for the Republican's frequent criticism of his foreign policy.

Russia; The Kremlin really believes that Hillary wants to start a war with Russia – Foreign Policy.

U.S. ; Email exchange proves Colin Powell advised Hillary Clinton about private email use.

Israel; On Israeli TV, Hillary Clinton says fighters are praying for a Trump victory.

U.S. ; Alexandria, Va. — Two Nc Men Have Been Charged In Connection With A Network Of Computer Hacks That Targeted Senior Us Govt Officials.

Turkey; Turkey dispatches 43 APCs and 180 new troops to border province Gaziantep near Syria from Istanbul centre.

Turkey; Turkish military takes control of four 'residential areas' in northern Syria – military statement.


24 Hr + 9-7-2016

Russia; Russia says jets intercepted US spy planes 'according to rules.' It was not the first attempt by @NATO planes to approach the Russian airspace to spy after the 'Caucasus2016' drills – @mod_russia.

Russia; Lavrov expressed indignation over the new sanctions attacks of US against Russia under pretext of Ukrainian crisis.

Editors Note; still no one seems to be protecting our Military, and the enemy still knows before their deployed, both when & where, also how many! Re: report out of Central Asia. 

Central Asia; US Army will deploy ~1400 soldiers from the 101st Airborne to Afghanistan to participate in counter-terrorist op.


U.S. ; Defense Secretary Ash Carter rebukes Russia. "We will not ignore attempts to interfere in our democratic processes."


U.S. ; SecDef Carter: US does not seek cold, let alone a hot war with Russia. But make no mistake, we will defend our allies and principled world order.


U.S. ; Dept of Defense Secretary Carter is in UK today.


Russia; Peskov: extension of anti-Russian sanctions by U.S is against that Putin talked with Obama.


U.S. ; An unarmed Trident II D5 missile launches from USSMaryland (SSBN 738) off the Florida coast during testing.


Syria; New group called "Syrian National Resistance" vows to "resist" Turkish military incursion.

Syria; Syrian opposition says to reject any US/Russia deal unlike own plan, Assad must go.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was a Russian KGB agent in Syria in 1983 – USSR archives. Abbas operated for the soviet intelligence since 1983 in Damascus, Syria.


Turkey; Refugees leave Turkey for Syrian town taken from ISIL.


Syria; Reports of Turkish army shelling targeting YPG positions in Afrin canton. Unconfirmed reports of casualties.


Turkey; Erdogan tells reporters Obama asked Turkey to join joint operation inside Syria, targeting ISIS capital, Raqqa. From yesterday; Turkey; Turkey's Erdogan proposes Syria 'no-fly zone' to U.S. & Russia. Turkey, Russia & Iran, continue to heed any involvement with U.S.


U.S. ; State dept spox Toner: Kerry talked for 45 mins with Lavrov on Syria by phone. No confirmation of meeting tomorrow in Geneva.


Syria; Rastan Homs hit with government incendiary missile resembling napalm.


Turkey; Deputy PM Canikli says Turkey-backed forces may go deeper into Syria.


Russia / TASS; The advance of Turkish troops inside Syrian territory is illegal, Russian Foreign Ministry says.


Syria; 86 prisoners are set to be released today by the Syrian Government from Hama, in exchange for the bodies of 2 Russian pilots that were killed in August.



24 Hrs + 9-6-2016

U.S. ; Ferguson protester Darren Seals was reportedly found shot dead in a burning car. Authorities identified the man in burnt vehicle in the 9600 block of Diamond Drive as Daren Seals, 29, though other records give the spelling of his first name as Darren.


U.S. ; US @StateDept calls for the immediate release of #NabeelRajab and concerned about new charges over NYTimes OpEd.


Turkey; US working on Gulen's extradition: Deputy Prime Minister.


Syria; Jaish al Fateh issued a media black out for all Individuals and channels involving military movements.

Syria; Areas south to Al-Rai, North to Al-Bab, Aleppo declared "military zone."

Syria; #EuphratesShield – FSA today has captured al-Ayubiya, Sandi, al-Rawda and Tal Hawa from ISIS east of al-Rai in north rural Aleppo.

Syria; FSA with support of Turkish Armed forces seized Tulaylah village S-E to Sandi, North Aleppo.

Syria; Assad and allies reversed Jaish al-Fath gains south Aleppo. Breaking the siege becoming more difficult everyday.

Syria; Liwa al-Tahrir has fallen apart, some have remained within the SDF while others joined the Euphrates shield.

Russia; According to Russia, Today's news agency Ruptly, Souran, Ma'ardas, and Taybat al-Imam has been recaptured by the Syrian Arab Army in Northern Hama.

Syria; Russian warplanes targeted and destroyed the grand mosque in the city of Anadan in Aleppo today.

Jarablus; local council accuses Turkey of forming a new Turkmen-dominated council and spreading fitnah among the population.

The Free Syrian Army says it has withdrew its bases from Jarablus and that the local council is affiliated with separatist parties.


24 Hrs + previous report; 9-6-2016

Syria; Reports: New major stage of operation Euphrates Shield are about to begin.


Turkey; Turkey sending Leopard 2 tanks to northern Syria #EuphratesShield.


China; President Erdogan’s spox Kalin: Erdogan met with Obama and Putin 2nd time during G20, talked about Aleppo both of them.


Syria; More than 80 suffocation cases, incl. children, after Syrian government dropped chlorine barrel bomb on Sukari district, Aleppo.


Syrian; Syrian rebel commander says Kurdish forces have not withdrawn from Manbij city, expects confrontation soon.


Syria; IS controls several points on Jabal al-Batra which is witnessing clashes.


Russia; Russia endorses Turkish-backed operation in Jerabulus.


Israel; Ahmad al-Majdlani of the PPSF says Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas will not meet with Israel's Netanyahu in Moscow.


U.S; No agreement about YPG between Turkey and U.S., Presidential Spokesperson Kalın says.


Kyrgyz govt; says Uighur militant groups affiliated with "Al-Nusrah" in Syria,responsible for Chinese embassy bombing.


Syria; E. Qalamoun: after recent gains vs Rebels in Jebal Afai ISIS trying now to getting closer to Nasiriyah Airbase.


Syria; ISIS took control of Jabal al-Afa'i.


UK; UK to hold extraordinary meeting about Syria in London tomorrow.


Turkey; Turkish foreign ministry and general staff to hold talks with US department of state & Pentagon to ensure FSA enters Manbij without clashes.


24 Hrs + ; An Ahrar al-Sham figure Abu Omar has Tweeted a link to a summary explaining recent Ahrar-Jund al-Aqsa tensions. The summary claims that an investigation “proves” Jund al-Aqsa has communication with IS cells and in response to this alleged investigation, Abu Omar, the Ahrar al-Sham figure Tweeted out: “Jund al-Aqsa has exceeded all limits… time to eradicate this cancer”.


Turkey; Turkey's Erdogan proposes Syria 'no-fly zone' to U.S. & Russia.


Russia-Egypt; military cooperation being discussed. 


U.S. ; President Obama and Putin fail to reach deal on Syria -Trump tweets:  so what else is new? Obama is not a natural deal maker. Only makes bad deals!


U.S. ; Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States.

The Usual Lee Wong Broadcasting Network is committed to the Positive, no mater how negative.

Editor: Thomas Pugh


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