veterans are still being FORCED to roll the dice with the VA people.

Our nation's veterans are still being FORCED to roll the dice with the VA people. This has got to STOP! REAL HEALTHCARE NOW for our nation's veterans. The Choice Card Program are being pilfered for more of the VA ls waste, fraud and abuse. The VA is NOT using that 10 BILLION for outside care, they are STEALING it for their crony contractors and their bonus programs.

The operative analysis of the players involved in the VA corruption are the VA procurement officers, the suppliers and the enabling overseers. All are getting rich and would be less wealthy if the system were repaired for the benefit of the clients. However, Fascism, one of the nastiest forms of corruption is the collusion between big government and big business. The VA procurement officers can only make purchases from the "approved" vendor lists. (Red Flag) Campaign contributions and favors by suppliers is how they get on the "approved" list. The procurement officers play one supplier against another, not to obtain lower costs, better delivery or more efficacy, but to see who will offer the best "private rebates." The VA system needs to be dissolved and the monopoly done away with. Benefit cards need to be issued empowering veterans to get needed medical attention from any willing provider. The overhead at the VA is above 61% and the net benefits to the veterans is below 39% at last audit. The computations were calculated by the gross contributions made by taxpayers, vs the net values of services render at market. The bottom line is that including overhead, the cost of delivering a specific benefit plus over head above and beyond outside results in a loss to taxpayers of 2 out of every three dollars. Stated otherwise, at the same rate of taxpayer contributions, veterans could obtain three times more service.


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