Why did AG Lynch secretly meet with Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton is no stranger to under the table deals…

 Ask yourself why the secret meeting ?  Is Loretta Lynch trying to remove herself from this investigation?  That meeting should've been public it should've not been private.  

Not one member of the general public would ever be able to have a private meeting with Loretta Lynch regarding this case.  There's so much evidence against Hillary Clinton it's pathetic.  I'm sure that if a Republican had done the same thing that she has done they would be under the jail right now And they would not have  access to large sums of money donated to them from foreign leaders that they could use to hire attorneys to defend themselves.  


Feel something fishy is going on.  Do you really want foreign leaders to have financial influence over this country and your personal freedom and for them to have the opportunity to destroy the constitution from other countries ?  If there is evidence of wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton's behalf she needs to pay the price and she needs to be withdrawn from the presidential race.  

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Why did AG Lynch secretly meet with Bill Clinton?





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