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Listen to what the British say about the constitution and abortion in the United States..

Biden: Supreme Court Took Away ‘Constitutional Right’ By Overturning Roe v. Wade. The constitution never said that having an abortion was a right for anyone. It was never mentioned in the constitution or the Bill of Rights. If you don’t like what the Supreme Court did of passing on the decision-making of abortions contact your local congressman or a senator in your state call them up and bitch to them. If I could get a long list of their phone numbers I would post them on this website.

Tucker so tired of the Obama administration screwing them every time they go to fuel up their trucks. I’m a firm believer that politicians get free gas card so they don’t have to pay the prices that we have to pay. Most of the people in the current administration do not give a shit about you they do not give a shit about your freedom and they do not give a shit how much you have to pay to fuel up your car or your truck Watch the videos below.

Biden delivers remarks on efforts to lower gas prices and Putin’s price hike — 6/22/2022

WATCH LIVE | Analysis on Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade