We’ve got a serious problem in America

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  • Feb / 15 / 2022
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We have a serious problem in the White House. If we don’t do something about the future elections this country is going to be toast. We have what I call a circus clown acting as a president. We better do something about the very next election midterms. Can you even begin to imagine how much damage they’ve already done to this country ? News Reporter Politician Reviews did it

Media NEWS reporters are programed as to what they have to say on TV. here is the proof. I’m sure the people that own a lot of TV stations love the Teleprompter. Keep in mind the

Teleprompter tells the media maggots what they have to say. Watch this video and you will see all of these media maggots regurgitating the exact same thing. That tells me they are programmed what they have to say to the people.

PoliticianReviews https://gab.com/Lebronsonroids/posts/107565063339436553

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